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Sorry Sorry at Dream Concert ETN version

finally can watch this video not in fancam ♥♥♥

credit : super4jib @ youtube

100612 Music Core – Bonamana

they look awesome ><……love eunhyuk~ ♥♥♥

credit : CrazyCarrot250 @ youtube

100607-100611 Kiss The Radio

source link/video :  七禾页 @tudou

100611 Kiss The Radio

<<video here>>

picture credit as tagged

100609 Kiss The Radio – with Donghae

<<video here>>

100608 Kiss The radio

<<video here>>

100607 Kiss The Radio

<<video here>>

picture credits: kbs.co.kr / reup: hyukxenhae

100612 Shindong got attacked again by Refreshing team

100612 twitpic update

source : @AllRiseSilver

슈퍼주니어도 응원합니다!!! 우리태극전사 여러분 다치지말고 좋은경기 보야주세요~ 시간되시면 세리머니로 미인아댄스도 한번 부탁드려요~ 대~한민국!!! 짝짝짝짝짝!!!!

source : @shfly3424

lol eunhyuk ><…..

오~~필승 코리아 !!!!

source : @donghae861015

슈주는 붉은 악마! ㅎㅎㅎ

source : @myblacksmile

게임이 끝나니까 더 물뿌리고싶은마음..ㅋㅋ
뭐 나에겐 권한이 없지만^^
암튼 이렇게 사이좋게 자니까 너무 보기좋다^^이히히히..

<<But now when the game ended, I want to sprinkle some water even more..ㅋㅋ

There’s no authrority for me though^^

Anyway, since they’re sleeping together like this, it’s really nice to see it^^ Ihihihi..>>

이건 오늘 신동의 비하인드 스토리..
얼마나 졸렸으면 물 맞고도 그대로 잠들다니….
안스러워..쯧쯧 암튼 끝나서 다행~
고생했어~덕분에 너무 상쾌했다!^^

<<This is Shindong’s behind story..

He was so sleepy, even after we hit him with water, he’s still sleepy….

Pathetic..Anyway it’s a relief that we ended it [the game]~ We worked hard~

Thanks to it, we’re so fresh now!^^>>

credit for english translation @TwELFs

source : @donghae861015

“refresing team” crew ><

상쾌해요 게임 … ㅜㅠㅜㅠ 마지막 ㅜㅠㅜㅠ 이제 우린 무슨 게임을 할까요 ? 음중에서 신동이형 마지막 상쾌해요 ^^

<<Refreshing game … ㅜㅠㅜㅠ the last ㅜㅠㅜㅠ what kind of game should we play now?

At MC, ShinDong hyung’s last “it’s refreshing” ^^>>

english translation credit to : @TwELFs