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SS3 Promotional Picture

credit: marenubium
shared by: hyukxenhae
take out with credits

i hope INDONESIA is one of the country which will held the super show 3 concert~ *praying’ and praying for Indonesia ^^*……………….really’ hope they will come to Indonesia ^^

100614 Donghae’s Twitpic Update

source : @donghae861015

so cute~ ><

오늘 골든벨에서 천사 두명을 만났다^^ 너무너무 이쁜 아기들이였다^^ 난 아기가 너무 좋다 ㅎㅎ 나도 나중에는 사랑스런 애기들의 아빠가 되겠지? 흐흐흐흐흐

<<Today i meet 2 angels at Golden Bell^^ The babies are very pretty^^I really like kidsㅎㅎ I will become a father that kids love right? 흐흐흐흐흐>>

english translation credit to sujunesia on twitter

100613 Waving the Korean Flag – Super Junior cuts

credit : yurimyangel6 @ youtube

100613 Gag Concert – Super Junior cut [Eng Subbed]

credit : sjlavender13 @ youtube

100613 Gag Concert – Super Junior cut

no Heechul, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Yesung….

they insulted shindong coz he gain a weight again,,,,

and hwangbo *am i right? i don’t know his name hehehe* insulted shindong too *poor shindong…..*

credit : sj4jib @ youtube

100614 Leeteuk’s TwitPic Update

source : @special1004

..고개숙인자..나 잘못한거 없다구요!!^^ㅋ