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Repackage Album Tracklist

1. 미 인 아 (Bonamana)
2. 너같은사람 또 없어 (No Other) –new
3. 진심 (All My Heart) {composed by Henry and Leeteuk} –new
4. 잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey) {lyric written by Eunhyuk, composed by Donghae} *can’t wait to listen this song ><* –new
5. Shake It Up! (Remix) –new
6. 나쁜 여자 (Boom Boom)
7. 응결 (Coagulation)
8. 나란 사람 (Your Eyes)
9. My Only Girl
10. 사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You)
11. Shake It Up!
12. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
13. 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
14. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
15. 진심 (Here We Go)

credit : @ss3forindonesia

100622 Yesung’s TwitPic Update

source : @shfly3424

슈퍼주니어 정규4집 리팩앨범 ^^ 멤버들이 작곡한곡두있구 정말기대많이하셔도될!! 앨범 ^^ ㅎㅎ

Kiss The Radio -EunHae fancam-

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100616 Dream Team Filming

Credit: HJ-ing
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100617 SBS World Cup Music Festival -Eunhyuk Fan Pics-

really’ can’t get enough with this~ ^___^

Credit: HJing & spdstudio.tistory.com
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100622 Super Junior to end “BONAMANA” promotion and proceed to promote followup hit “NO OTHER”

Super Junior will end promotions for ‘Bona Mana’ and will proceed with promoting of the followup hit.

SM Entertainment announced, “Super Junior will reveal their followup hit ‘너 같은 사람 또 없어/No Other’ on online music sites like Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld etc on th 25th.”

The song ‘No One’ will be included in the group’s 4th repackaged album and is a synth pop dance song with trendy hip hop beat. The producers to the song are Reefa and C-2, who have produced for singers like The Game, Fabolous and Ludacris, as well as Ryan Jhun. And the lyrics are written by Kenzie.

And coming 28th June, the 4th repackaged album, which will include songs like the remix version of ‘No One’ and ‘Shake It Up’, will be released.

Meanwhile, the group will have their goodbye stage on 25th June on KBS Music Bank.

Credit: Newsen
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100621 Kiss The Radio

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