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100613 Dream Team with Super Junior -Eng Sub-

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Final sales and Final award


 Today at 10:55am

Time flies, and Bonamana has already been out for a month. Super Junior’s 3rd album is very popular in every corner in Asia, and we can still feel the heat of Sorry Sorry. However, what is in front of us is the 4th album Bonamana,and sadly to say,that’s very probably our last album.

We should not stick in the success of Sorry Sorry, and we should not stick in 200,000 pre-order of Bonamana. We still have a lot more to do.
We think the title song Bonamana is great and catchy, but does anyone know how the Koreans respond to this new song?
In fact, their position in Korea is not high, and SM does not really want to promote the group.From the low-cost MV, we can see how the company thinks about the group.
The result of SJ is all their effort.

And how about the result of the 4th album? We won MB(Music Bank) for 3 weeks continuously, and everytime it depended on Album Sales. When our album sales were high, the total score was high. And when the sales fell, the total score dropped immediately. Last week we were in the 4th place, this week we were in the 5th. This is the 4th Album that we have been longing for, do you just want to end it now??
And Album Sales took a major part for the winning groups of these two weeks.

Although Digital Scores make up a greater portion, it is not easy to boost it up right away. Moreover, as overseas ELFs, we cannot listen through Melon and Bugs, so we basically can help nothing.

Korean ELF suggestion: to help SJ get back the 1st place, the quickest and best way will be boosting the album sales.

Lets look at our Album Sales data from Hanteo:
Week 1(5/13——5/16):A ver.-62270,B ver.-not released (MB Album score12145)
Week 2(5/17——5/23):A ver.-41204,B ver.-28417 (MB Album score10387)
Week 3(5/24——5/30):A ver.-6286,B ver.-11053 (MB Album score5505)
Week 4(5/31——6/6):A ver.-4603,B ver.-3603 (MB Album score2394)
Week 5(6/7——6/13):A ver.-2811,B ver.-836 (MB Album score1917)
Week 6(6/14——6/20):A ver.-687,B ver.-620(until 18/6)

See our sales record? Do you think we can win again?

Do you think we can get 13 champions as EunHyuk has said in Twitter?
Getting 13 champions has always been SJ members’ dream, and we missed that for the 3rd album. Will they still have the chance to get 13 champions? Probably this is the last chance. From the 13-member group to the 12-member Sorry Sorry, from the 12-member SS2 to the 11-member SS2, and now is the 10-member 4th album and SS3. We have gone through so much, and do we still don’t know what is in front of us?

HeeChul is happy to see lots of ELF cheering for them in live shows and they received lots of presents from ELF , but he said in Young Street, “I don’t need any cheering and present, but I want to see the sales of the 4th album reaching 500,000.”
Can you see it? SJ’s expectation, SJ’s effort for Bonamana. HeeChul’s leg is not that well because of the accident in 2006. He appeared in the last part of Sorry Sorry for 4 seconds only because he couldn’t dance violently, but for Bonamana, he danced for the whole song. And KyuHyun, who was never considered as a dancer, is one of the main dancers of Bonamana. Please remember that he had a serious car accident three years ago, and almost lost his life. During Bonamana’s practice, he had also hurt his leg. And our leader LeeTeuk, while having a very packed schedule, he is practicing for Bonamana every day. These causes his waist hurting again and again, and unable to sit well.

Our old members LeeTeuk and HeeChul both said in the Fan Meeting that they have already reached the age to get into the army, and the end of next year will be the latest time.
Please don’t expect SJ still can be on the stage without some members.Kangin is going to join the army in July and be back 2 yrs later.Then the other members in and out for 2 yrs and 2 yrs alternatively.How many 2 yrs we have to wait for the next album?Also,without core members,SJ will not be as popular as now.We can only expect the 4th album is our most brilliant era.Reality is reality.

That’s why they put everything on the 4th album, hoping that we can go through it, and then we may still be able to see SJ on stage. If the 4th is not going to succeed, the chance to see them again is very small.Leeteuk said in Strong Heart:”Nothing lasts forever.”
Why do they have to work so hard? All because they want SJ to continue.Do you share the same thought with them?

The music score of Bonamana is not ideal. During Sorry Sorry period, even though we didn’t win, we were the 1st runner-up. But how about now? We are at the 5th place, and next week, we could rank even lower.

Are we going to let SJ stop here? No!
Their new song is coming soon, Music Bank and Inkigayo will count the sales of version C.We cannot help with Digital scores, so we should help with album sales. However, since Golden Disk only counts Version A, so when you bulk order version C, it will be great if you can buy version A again, as many as possible for both versions.They are equally important!

Korean and Chinese ELFs are already organizing the 2nd bulk order of Version A.Then before the year-end awards,they will organize the bulk order of Version A again.

We are not in advantage since the very strong group Big Bang is going to comeback soon,and there is a half more year to go, that means our ranking in the yearly chart can change easily.
For the sake of winning in the year-end awards, I wish foreign ELF can buy version A once more directly from Korea when you buy version C,so we can increase the sales difference between us and the 2nd position on the 2010 album sales chart.You are part of the ELF family,right?
You should not buy from your own country because that will not be counted.The chart is based on the sales at Korean domestics CD stores.Only those albums purchased from Korean local stores will be counted.

Also,The chart only reflects the sales of Korean Version albums.Taiwanese version, Japanese version, Hong Kong version, Pirated version, they are all not counted.

If you can, please try not to buy version C during the first week when it is released, but the next few weeks, so that the number of sales can be spreaded, and the music scores can be high for few more weeks.

Please make all your effort to let SJ win in all Korean music ceremonies.At least they can leave with victory. If this is going to be the last album,why not make it the best one and end it with the love of all ELF?Why not make sure there’s no any regret.

Please fight together and tell everyone that ELFs are the strongest fans in the world.

Please share this note by yourself and spread it wherever you go.
I hope you can pose this on your wall,your groups and pages,or your blogs and twitter.
If you know who can organize the bulk order,please let jumpybb know so that she can help to promote.
Thanks for your effort!

CREDIT source : naughtypeeves on facebook / reposted by jumpybb @ livejournal

100623 Dream Team Filming

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100623 Happy Together S3 -Official Pic-

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100623 2010 World Cup Support -Official Pic-

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100623 2010 World Cup Support Fan Pics

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