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100926 Korean Impression ep 2 -Eunhyuk appears- [Eng Sub]

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100626 Star King -LT, EH-

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100627 Fantasy Couple -DH, SM, SD-

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100627 Super Junior Sungmin & Shindong sleep habit

On the 27th episode of MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom” where Shindong, Donghae and Sungmin were guests, Shindong revealed that he does not wear clothes when he sleeps.

Shindong said that sometimes the other member’s does not like it that he does not wear clothes to sleep. Shindong revealed that has the temperature goes up he ends up taking off his clothes while sleeping. He said, “It gets hot in the morning, when I wake up and I look at my body I will be surprised and embarrassed at the same time” causing laughter in the audience.

The MC’s suggested that he should wear Overall’s when going to sleep since overall’s are hard to take off as a solution for his stripping while sleeping.

Meanwhile, Super Junior Sungmin also has confessed “I sleep in wearing a dress”.

On the same broadcast of MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom”, Sungmin revealed that Girls only see’s him as a friend, because of this, Donghae revealed that the reason why he doesn’t have a girlfriend is because of a one piece dress causing embarrassment for Sungmin.

Sungmin said that, “I do not know why I do not have a girlfriend” and he revealed, “I sleep wearing women’s dresses” surprisingly revealing his secret.

Sungmin confessed, “These days, I wear a dress from pink to light blue and i have bought another new one” making the audience laugh with his confession.

The MC Suggested that instead of wearing a one piece dress he could wear pajama’s or wearing boxer shorts, offering a solution to his problem for not having women look at him as a man.

Source: Newsen
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100626 After Washing SJ Boys’ Hair, Became a member of royalty!

Idol Super Junior talked about their popularity in other countries.

At the Star GoldenBell, MC Ji Suk Jin asked how popular Boys are at out of Korea,

And Eun Hyuk said “Our Concert Hall was filled while other pop stars have never done it before,

and Tickets were already sold out so some people sold their ticket at over $2,200.”
Lee Teuk added, “There was 1 staff who washed our hair before. She jump over to Thailand and opened her Hair Salon in there.

A lot of people went to that salon because they were told the hair-dresser was involved with Super Junior. At the end the salon became very successful and she married a member of royalty!”

Other stars were shocked with the story, and MC said, “Surprisingly, washing you guys’ hair made her royalty!”

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100627 Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Update -Pic-

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100627 Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Update


There’s no other like me


Photo Entry

Who will get the (stolen) money.

BGM List

he replaced Bonamana with No Other..

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