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2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Promo Vid

credit : SuJuTV2 @youtube

Shindong reveals his love story

Garnering much interests for losing 20kg early last year, Super Junior ShinDong revealed that he had gone on a diet so as to get together with his girlfriend, who broke up with him, again.

ShinDong talked about his girlfriend, 2 years younger than him, that on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. He explained, “To say the truth, my girlfriend is a junior at college. I’m in the class of 04 and she is in the class of 06. I did not meet my girlfriend until graduation. I received my graduation album and I was asked if I received my TA and I joked “Can I choose from here?’. So there was this photo of my girlfriend in the album, and when I saw it, I said ‘this is the one’ and I asked for the professor to link us up.”

ShinDong said, “We were going out for about 1 year when we told our parents about it but they objected so we broke up. Back then my weight was 104 kg, and it was hard gaining weight. I guess it was because I kept eating.”

He continued, “So I started my diet and shed 24 kg. To say the truth, after I broke up with my girlfriend, I had a phone conversation with her, and she made an unreasonable request for me to loose weight. I lost 10 kg but she refused to get back with me. So I lost another 10 kg and in all I lost 20 kg, and finally she got back with me.”

Also on the show that day, ShinDong revealed that he is currently preparing to get married with his girlfriend. And he did a video message to his girlfriend on the show, “I have not proposed properly to you yet. Nari ah, the thing I feel the most after I’ve met you is that without you I feel heartache. And I feel for the first time that if there is you, I would feel happy always. Will you be with me happily forever? Will you marry me?”

ShinDong also did a video message to both their parents, “I have confidence. Because I have confidence that we will be happy forever, please approve and bless us.”

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100706 Super Junior at KBS Shenyang Open Concert -fancam-

credit : SuJuTV2 @youtube

credit : SHRINX4SiHae @ youtube

Super Junior – No Other MV

credit : sment @youtube

always watch in sment channel to encrease the viewer~ 😉

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MV nya lucu + unik banget nih….banyak happening 😆

0:30 gelangnya ryeowook lepas, 3:01 heechulnya ilang tapi 3:03 heechulnya dateng lagi *kenapa tlat ya?? lol*, 4:16 cuman jadi 8 orang padahal di 1:56 ada 9 orang XD……jangan’ ini jadi salah satu alesan kenapa mv nya telat keluar kali ya? kyuhyun ma siwon sempet break gara’ dioperasi kan, jadi kepending kali ya pembuatan mv nya……but other than that i really like this mv, it’s so refreshing and sweet make me melt when watching it :P….and~ eunhyuk’s choco abs~ so sexy~ 😮

(that’s ramblings from me in 2 language, hehe)……have fun to watch it >< and don’t forget to watching from official channel of sment on youtube to increase the viewer >< also keep TL on soribada~ 😉

100706 Shenyang Concert

where’s the other member????????

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Lee Teuk, “SiWon has bad hearing… God is fair”

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals the ‘secret’ of member SiWon.

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July, Lee Teuk reveals a hidden secret of their ‘prince’ SiWon known for his good looks and body.

Lee Teuk said, “God is fair. SiWon can’t hear well.” He added, “There was once when I said ‘Let’s have a good practice’ and SiWon would come to me and ask ‘Hyung what did you say? We are going to meet Bae YongJoon?’,” which had the other star appearances laughing.

He also said, “There was once when we were watching winter Olympics and I asked ‘Did you see what Kim Yuna did?’ and he said ‘Hyung did you just said that Kimura Taku is here?’.”

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ShinDong’s surprising confession, “I am currently preparing to get married”

Super Junior ShinDong gives a surprising revelation that he is currently preparing to get married with his currently girlfriend.

ShinDong has revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. When Super Junior first released their 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ on 13th May, in the ‘Thanks To’ section of the album, ShinDong has expressed his love for his girlfriend using secret codes, as pointed out by fans.

ShinDong said, “To say the truth, the reason why I use secret code is because I really wanted to get married. I asked our agency president beforehand, ‘Is is okay to get married?’ and his answer was ‘Marriage? Good!’”

He added, “I am currently preparing to get married,” which had the other star appearances shocked.
Meanwhile, for Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Thanks To’, ShinDong had left the secret codes to his girlfriend:

‘B2B8, B4B9, B3A8′, ‘B3C6, B4B9′, ‘A4A7B4, B5B6B2, B5B8, A2B8′, ‘C3B7B3, B5B6B2, B5B8, B2C7B2, A4B7, B3A8′, ‘A5B8, B4B8B3, B5A9, A2C6B4, A4A10′, ‘B3A7B3, B3C6B7B2, B5B9′

He revealed that to decipher the message, just key in accordingly on the keyboard to get the Korean characters:

‘B2B8, B4B9, B3A8′(나,리,야), ‘B3C6, B4B9′, ‘A4A7B4, B5B6B2, B5B8, A2B8′(우,리,결,혼,하,자), ‘C3B7B3, B5B6B2, B5B8, B2C7B2, A4B7, B3A8′(청,혼,하,는,거,야), ‘A5B8, B4B8B3, B5A9, A2C6B4, A4A10′(사,랑,해,줄,게), ‘B3A7B3, B3C6B7B2, B5B9′(영,원,히)

English translations:

Nari ah. Let’s get married. I will propose. I will love you. Forever

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