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100706 Super Junior at KBS Shenyang Open Concert -fancam II-

Arriving in Taoxian Airport


lol eunhyuk’s yawning…kekeke

credit : YesungCenter @ youtube / Do no Reup

No Other -Yesung Focus-

credit : woonvoice.com / YesungCenter @ youtube / Do no Reup


credit : ryomacheisback1 @ youtube

100709 Kiss The Radio -cut-

credit : SuperTing18 @ youtube

full show link still not out yet, so i’ll update latter ^^

100709 No Other 1st win Twitter Trending

taken on 06.05 pm wib (Indonesia time)

100709 Eunhyuk’s Twitter Update


Wow daeeeebak we’re number one….ㅋㅋㅋWe really can’t do this without ELFs….Thank you sincerely….ㅜ ㅜ

source : Eunhyuk‘s twitter

english translation credit to : hyukxenhae / MyHyukkie on twitter

Super Junior has No Other as they win K-Chart on Music Bank

Despite the recent teary news about fellow member Kangin’s military enlistment, nothing can slow Super Junior down as they performed another banging performance on the July 9th episode of Music Bank!

Apart of their beastly and fierce concept from BONAMANA, their follow-up track No Other still oozes with the members’ charms that balance well with the cheery vibe of the melody and beats. Sooner or later, these boys may be dominating the Music Bank K-Chart. Take a listen to Super Junior’s No Other below!

Having won a triple crown with BONAMANA earlier, the Super Junior boys were back to their winning ways against MC Mong tonight, as they won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with their follow-up song, No Other. Congratulations to them!

source : allkpop

100709 Music Bank – Super Junior


No Other

Winning K-Chart

credit : UnknownCarrot120 @ youtube

100709 Super Junior Before Music Bank -fancam-

credit : tashaveles @ youtube