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100718 Eunhyuk @ SBS Inkigayo -Gifs-

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The 5 years old Sungmin
Everyone that went for recording today definitely will feel the same, that Sungmin is the highest today. SJ wore powder greenish shirt today, very cute, and Sungmin is wearing shorts… When the sets are arranged properly, Sungmin was the first to come out, sitting on the chair, using his watery big eyes to look around.

Everyone saying he is “5 years old Sungmin” because he is seriously too cute!!!!
We are at the standing part and can see properly that there are bruises on Sungmin’s knees. A fan asked him what happen to his knee, and he made an action of sprawling forward, like he fell… Perhaps he fell down…

Sungmin is alone at the stage for a very long time while the other members are backstage, preparing. Today’s balloons are also his favourite, keep hitting/punching it. Then he treat the balloon as someone’s face and stare at it, and even KISS.

Just when he is playing happily, suddenly a hand appeared, snatching his balloons… So.. there is a Balloon War… People cant see who the person is and are all wondering. Suddenly Mr. Lee Hyukjae appeared with the balloon he successfully snatched and put it in the middle of the stage.
Minnie didn’t stop, he continue playing with the balloons with a very cute expression, everyone was shouting “So cute.” “Ottoke? So cute, too cute?!” Lee Hyukjae cannot take it anymore, telling him “Don’t do this!”

The mixed feeling/love
They recording thrice and the mood is very happy. There is a very long break after the 2nd recording ends, so everyone starts to play around…

First, Shindong lean on Siwon’s shoulder with a sweet expression.

Then Mr Yesung that saw this and lie down on Mr. Lee Hyukjae’s lap.. Everyone is screaming madly. After he got up, he immediately went closer to Hyukjae and hugged him… Hyukjae has a disgusted expression, and went hiding immediately, sat on the front, everyone laughed… Yesung didn’t give up, he sigh and pointed to his own lap, asking Hyukjae to lie on it. Hyukjae ignored him and Yesung went and hug Hyukjae, carried him to his lap. It looked like, Eunhyuk is sitting on Yesung’s lap, with Yesung hugging him tightly, SCREAMS

At the ending pose during the 2nd recording, Eunhyuk turned around and lean on Kyuhyun’s shoulder. Kyuhyun went red. Then Yesung went and asked Eunhyuk why he treats Kyuhyun differently. Heechul also came over and talked to Eunhyuk, and they were laughing like mad.

During the 3rd recording, Eunhyuk also lean on Kyuhyun and is even closer. Kyuhyun even sent a flying kiss. Yesung came over immediately and told Eunhyuk he cant be doing this. Siwon also use his hands to hit Hyukjae gently, saying “What are you doing”

Before the 3rd recording start, Sungmin, Leeteuk and Ryeowook were sitting at the side. Leeteuk looked at sungmin first, then ryeowook, seemed like he is making choices. Then he smiled and chose Sungmin, and hugged him tight, and Sungmin hit his chest, seemed to be saying “You chose correctly”Then the two of them started to make SUPER CUTE pose and expression, making everyone scream. Even played hitting hands games, keep hitting Sungmin until he scream pain.

Yesung is also very … initiative today… First he lean on Leeteuk’s back making cute pose, then when he was singing with Siwon, he stared at Siwon’s eyes lovingly.

No Other Incident
Discovered that there is the “Rock Paper Stone” games in No Other stage. Didn’t notice in the 1st recording, 2nd recording not sure what, but it seemed like Eunhyuk versus Sungmin and Sungmin won, and he clenched his fist saying YES. The 3rd time, Sungmin lost.

During the second recording, when Ryeowook took a step back, he accidentally hit against the chair, and sat down immediately. Some fans laughed…

Donghae is always at the side of the stage and because the stage is kinda small, he always dance and sit on the chair halfway, or not, he just danced and went to the backstage, disappear…

At the end
Before it ends, Yesung asked “Like MiInAh or No Other”. Everyone shouted “A Short Journey”Leeteuk talked “Everyone must like All My Heart right?” Then he started to sing a few lines. Then, Sungmin told Leeteuk seriously, “Teukie hyung, everyone said A Short Journey”

At the end, Leeteuk stayed on stage, and threw the balloons to everyone. When he threw the first one, the balloon flew up the ceiling when the fan caught it. Then Leeteuk threw the second time and fans shouted, “The balloon flew just now” and point to show him. Leeteuk “Just now who I gave the balloons to? Don’t give you anymore” Then Balloon War.

By: 宝蓝街13号公寓
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com

Eunhyuk~ ><…..really’ love this guy 😉 finally he’s back to himself again~ ^^

100718 Super Junior @ Inkigayo

Kan Mi Yeon’s Feat. Eunhyuk – Going Crazy

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100717 Star King -cuts-

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100717 Super Junior @ Daecheon Mud Festival

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