Inkigayo Magazine June Issue Interview -Eunhyuk, Shindong part-

Q: “Miinah” is a very impressive funky, dance, and fast beat song. The group’s dance just straight away comes into my eyes. could you please introduce them?

Eunhyuk: There is a dance step from Kim Yuna, her ” dance steps of death”. The skate dance is a main point. We discussed a lot with our choreographer Nick Bass, we worked really hard. So hard that we barely got any sleep, and we also have a dance move which can capture all our fans hearts, the pelvis dance.

Shindong: It was really hard for us, when we were discussing and planning for our 4th album’s choreography. We put in dance moves, which you can find from figure skating and short track. “Miinah” is a breath taking [fast] song, so it feels like we’re racing in full speed. There is no other diet needed when you have this. Haha.

Q: The dance moves you guys made was as good as the ones Nick Bass made. What was in your mind when you were making those moves?

Eunhyuk: First! Which points will make our fans faint and go crazy?  In “Miinah”‘s chorus theres a part “볼까말까X3 나 같은 남자” in our lyrics. Cant even propose to a girl whom a guy likes, and he cant do anything but stare. I put in those kind of emotions, and appeal the sexiness of it. These are the things which i thought about, while making the moves.

Shindong: I am Nick Bass ! i think of this and word hard on the moves.

Q: So, what kind of performances do you want to show on stage?

Eunhyuk: I want to show a solo performance.

Shindong: “a whole body reveal [no clothes]” .. i have confidence in my body !!

Q: Now that there’s only 10 members in this activities, i think you have to become harder and more together. If there’s anything you want to say to the other members ?

Eunhyuk: Lets go back to the basic/beginnging and work hard. Not like other teams, but our team met through friendship. So lets never shake or separate. Just follow me !

Shindong: Leeteuk hyung i love you, Heechul hyung i love you ~ ahh its so tiring to write all . etc ~ shorten shorten. Everybody, i love you !!

Article credits to : Inkigayo magazine [ June ]
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Translated by : teukiebiased @
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