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Talented Members Rangking (within SJ) by SMent

1. Lee Sungmin
2. Lee Donghae
3. Park Jungsoo (Leeteuk)
4. Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)
5. Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk)
6. Kim Ryeowook
7. Cho Kyuhyun
8. Kim Heechul
9. Kim Kibum
10. Shin Donghee (Shindong)
11. Choi Siwon
12. Kim Youngwoon (Kangin)

Credit : SJ Baidu
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Dance Ranking (within SJ) by SMent

1. Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk)
2. Lee Donghae
3. Shin Donghee (Shindong)
4. Lee Sungmin
5. Park Jungsoo (Leeteuk)
6. Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)
7. Kim Kibum
8. Kim Heechul
9. Kim Ryeowook
10. Cho Kyuhyun
11. Choi Siwon
12. Kim Youngwoon (Kangin)

Credit : SJ Baidu
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Vocals Ranking (within SJ)

This was not from fan votes; the ranking below was determined by SMent staff. (No Hangeng.)

1. Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)
2. Kim Ryeowook
3. Cho Kyuhyun
4. Lee Sungmin
5. Lee Donghae
6. Kim Youngwoon (Kangin)
7. Park Jungsoo (Leeteuk)
8. Choi Siwon
9. Kim Heechul
10. Kim Kibum
11. Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk)
12. Shin Donghee (Shindong)

Credit : SJ Baidu
Trans by stalker93@ sapphirepearls.com
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100810 Kiss The Radio -Eunhyuk Fan Pics II-

Credit: http://www.5FOReunhyuk.com
Photo By : MAYMIE@5FOReunhyuk.com
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100810 Kiss The Radio -Donghae call- [transkrip]

Teuk: Now there’s another phone call coming in.
Hyuk: Oh there’s still (phone calls)?
Teuk: Many people know Boa’s here.
Hyuk: Now the time is not very sufficient ah.
Teuk: All are calling in now.
Hyuk: Anything just call her yourself will do.
Teuk: Boa, you pick up this phone call bah.
Boa: Hello.
?: Hello.
Boa: Who is it?
Teuk: Continue to ask him.
Boa: Hello.
?: Why didn’t you speak formally in program ah.
Boa: Oh wait for a second. This, who is this?
Boa: May I know you’re? Hyuk: You make a guess who is he?
?: You make a guess.
Hyuk: Continue to chat (and guess).
Boa: Who’re you ah.
?: Make a guess.
Boa: Did you make a wrong call?
Teuk: Should (we) hang up?
Boa: Hang up?
?: Don’t.
Boa: Eh? Who? (Is it) Minho?
?: I’m Super Junior’s Donghae.
Hyuk: Is it Donghae?
Teuk: I didn’t recognise (the voice).
Boa: Voice… (seems like) it has changed.
Donghae: I’m your loyal listener.
Boa: But Donghae, why did you talk while lowering your voice.
Donghae: Because there’s practise for the concert, I just woke up.
Hyuk: Because there’s practise for the concert, I just woke up. What does this mean?
Donghae: Kept staying overnight lately.

Donghae: One to ten o’clock, I will turn on the radio to listen to KTR
Teuk: Ah really?
Teuk: Donghae.
Donghae: Yes.
Teuk: How did you and Boa know each other?
Donghae: The first time we saw each other is at… the location for a commercial shoot.
Hyuk: Ah camera.
Donghae: Before this, although there’s an interesting happening but (I) cannot disclose it here.
Teuk: Just say.
Donghae: Cannot. I will be beaten up by Boa.
Hyuk: Is it?
Teuk: Really?
Boa: No ah. I don’t know ah.
Teuk: Is it okay? Boa?
Boa: No. It is not okay.
Teuk: Ah cannot.
Boa: Donghae ah,
Donghae: Yes.
Boa: You must be careful ah.
Donghae: That’s right. That’s why I don’t want to say.
Teuk: Donghae. The first time you saw Boa, what’s the first impression?
Donghae: First of all…really is… (a) great sunbaenim.
Teuk: Yes that’s right.
Donghae: Because (she) is the sunbae, so the feeling was huge & tall.
Teuk: Feels huge & tall.
Donghae: And (she’s) also the star of Asia.
Teuk: Did you mean, although (she’s) not tall in height but (she) gives (people) the feeling of huge & tall is it?
Donghae: Can you don’t specifically emphasize?
Teuk: Okay I know already.
Boa: Donghae ah. You’re not considered very tall as well.

Hyuk: Donghae,
Hyuk: Donghae & I are also friends right.
Donghae: Yes yes yes.
Hyuk: Donghae & Boa are also friends.
Donghae: Yes.
Hyuk: But why didn’t (you) introduce (her) to me?
Donghae: I feel that Eunhyuk is pretending on purpose.
Hyuk: (it’s) not me pretending on purpose.
Hyuk: But the people around me who said it.
Donghae: In the past didn’t you have a chance to rap a part for Boa?
Donghae: Eunhyuk he… because of these 3 days, (he) didn’t have a good sleep and all he thinks is going to Japan.
Hyuk: Because (I) heard that there’s still shooting for the MV
Donghae: Later on (I) heard that between Eunhyuk and me; have to choose one out of two.
Teuk: That’s right that’s right.
Donghae: So I boasted to the members that I’m going to take a plane to Japan,
Donghae: Still promised to buy presents for the members when coming back, but later on the plan was cancelled.
Teuk: (have) been chopped off. *
Hyuk: Don’t say it this way.
Donghae: So for the week after that, (I) was in the mode of feeling down.
Teuk: So Donghae thinks that the good points of Boa are?
Donghae: Good points?
Teuk: Yes.
Donghae: Firstly… others may think that it’s hard to get along with her.
Donghae: Actually she’s fragile at heart.
Donghae: And really needs love from others
Hyuk: You said really needs love from others?
Donghae: Because she often feels lonely.
Teuk: Lonely. That’s right. She said (that) to me before.
Hyuk: The more famous a celebrity is…
Donghae: Boa is not only our big sunbaenim, (she’s) also someone amazing.
Donghae: So (people) feel that it’s hard to get close to her.
Donghae: But those who truly understand her will know that she’s a fragile, kind and a passionate person.
Donghae: needs others to take care of her.

Donghae: Maybe others think that Boa is outstanding in everything she does.
Donghae: Because whatever she did was very successful.
Donghae: But as a friend, I really want to take care of her more.
Boa: When did you take care of me before?
Donghae: She only plays with Siwon and Heechul.
Boa: Didn’t you run away yesterday?
Donghae: I went to exercise yesterday.
Boa: Our Donghae is really good at talking.
Teuk: Really good at talking?
Boa: Can’t say anything about him.
Teuk: What do you think of donghae as a person?
Boa: Donghae this person… I also had no idea.
Teuk: You had no idea also ah.
Hyuk: Oh really?
Teuk: As the opposite gender, (does he) has any charm?
Boa: Yes. Is a very handsome friend. Very handsome.
Boa: But,
Boa: Hope he’ll take care of me more.
Teuk: Don’t only say but do nothing.
Hyuk: Take good care of people okay?
Donghae: Yes. Ah?
Teuk: Donghae. Saying these kind of words in program, (people) will only think that you’re playing cool.
Donghae: No…I also want to take care (of her)… But I’m also… quite busy ah.
Hyuk: (We) got it.
Hyuk: Donghae,
Donghae: Yes.
Hyuk: Thanks for the call-in today.
Donghae: It seems like my call-in time is shorter than Kim Yong Jae sunbaenim ah…
Hyuk: In the future…
Teuk: Because it’s not interesting ah.
Hyuk: In the future, Donghae you must guest in Sukira at least once.
Donghae: This is originally my program, Sukira.
Hyuk: That’s right. (So) have to come at least once.
Teuk: Donghae,
Teuk: Time is running out. We want to chat with Boa already.
Donghae: I want to chat with Boa also.
Hyuk: Donghae,
Teuk: If you want to participate, please send a text message of 50won to $890.
Donghae: Later there’s still practise at 1am, I’ll see if I can go over.
Hyuk: Ah (I) know already.
Hyuk: Donghae,
Hyuk: Going to hang up already?
Donghae: No, no. Cannot be like this.

* – Meaning being replaced.

Source: http://onlyhyukhae.com/viewthread.php?tid=8802&extra=page%3D1
Korean to chinese translation: 移花宫 @ Onlyhyukhae.
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-World.net.
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100810 Hyuk Upclose

credit : only13suju @ youtube

[MySaru Daily] Eunhyuk with Kyuhyun

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