100814 Ryeowook Twitter Update [mention about Eunhyuk]

ryeong9 : @dalma516 오늘 아침에도 은혁형이랑 성민이형이랑 한판했다 완전 못일어날뻔했어~ ㅜ

translation : Today in the morning, I, Eunhyuk hyung and Sungminnie hyung had a fight it almost doesn’t happen ~ ㅜ

source : @ryeong9
Translated by: mook_yeye @ ryeosomnia-town.com
Take out with full credits

omo…..is it because nervous before concert???? so they all in high tension mode?? i really’ hope they’re okay now… Super Junior Hwaiting~….Eunhyuk Hwaiting~ ><

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