100905 SM Town LA -FanAccount- I

FAN ACCOUNT – by L. Jeon
**this is my cousin (second cousin) who is talking here. NOT ME. This is her spazzing on what she remembers. After literally asking and asking, she gave in and told me she would send me something mostly about suju. ^^

For the whole concert, it was dark and ended realllly late. Later than the Seoul concert.


Suju came out to sing their two latest tracks, and the korean version of super girl with the two sj-m members (Zhoumi & Henry),

During introduction time right after, they came right in front of my section–

Leeteuk was i think, at the end.. He actually looked very leader-like. He was looking over Henry while he talked in english, and he was the member who was the most still. It was like he was overlooking the others in an observing stance. You get my leader approval, Teuk..

From my point of view, Donghae and Henry could pass as brothers. They both wore sleeveless and it seems as tho Henry is tanned.

Heechul and Eunhyuk are both skinnier in person.

Kyuhyun is taller than what I thought….hmm also

Siwon talked in english. Sort of. I frogot what he said but he was slurring–HE’S SO MUCH MORE DAMN HANDSOME THAN I THOUGHT. On shows, he’s known as the super good looker. But holy damn, in person, he really does look like a god. IMO, more than dbsk’s leader yunho. Anyway during the intro, all the members sort of zoned out, like they had no clue about english. they looked like foreigners, unable to talk and share cute adlibs, since they only knew korean. hehe.


Another VCR…Lot’s of cute VCR’s. SM Town is really full of nice faces and good talent.


Yesung actually looks better in person! his way of singing was so refreshing in a different way. In a good way…!


The magnae of SJ and SNSD were next. Really cute together. They both are so prim and proper up there. Like some president daughter and son thing. (lol) I think they held hands for a moment though both were pretty concentrated on singing.


Next was dance battle. CUT HERE Eunhyuk. was. awesome!! That guy is damn good at dancing. No lie. He nailed that thing. Dance GOD. I noticed, throughout the concert the dance you see from Eunhyuk when you watch videos is not enough. You have to see him in person. You can point him out from all the members because of his dancing. He’s swifter, and hits the steps harder. He was in charge of that room during the other performance too. He remind me of my crush in senior year, small eyes, nice pale skin and attractive. I think my biasness of Jaejoong and Doojoon are swifting towards him, Siwon and Jay. (?) CUT HERE


Fureakin ending was much shorter than I thought. I thought they would be up there together playing balloons and water stuffs but it was much more reserved. CUT HERE I saw a couple of suju members holding other colored towels as well CUT HERE During Changmin’s scream some of Suju members imitated it and one was spazzing everwhere during the ending. lol CUT HERE confetttti!!!! Homg, one person (?) let his tongue out for so long, my friend was laughing cause she said one got caught (?) CUT HERE I didn’t know SJ Donghae and BoA were close either CUT HERE

After the round of crowd handshakes and stuffs, my mind was everywhere during the ending cause there were so many damned famous people in front of me. my attention was shifted to so many random peoples all at once hahaha


and SJ, said good bye after SHINee CUT HERE – END TALK ABOUT SUJU AFTER THIS

written by jeon, shared by pyosin @ sj-world.net

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