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100905 SM Town LA -FanAccount- III

SM Town Live Los Angeles 2010
Super Junior focused fan account

Credit kaorupanda@sj-world.net if taking out

Also, KYUHYUN biased in some places.

In one sentence: I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!
So much happened, it really all seems like a blur now. Only 4 hours. I say ‘only’ because the Seoul one was 6 hours, but believe it was plenty long because by the end I could barely hear or talk. I WILL BE WRITING ANOTHER ACCOUNT FOR THE OTHER ARTISTS.

First off, I was staying at the Sheraton, so I got to spend hours and hours waiting in the lobby or outside looking for the artists to come and go. Saturday morning I saw Siwon going up the escalators to leave, and then when he came back he walked past ABOUT 5 FEET IN FRONT OF ME. He was trying to sneak by through a set of doors off to the side instead of the middle set of doors, but the staff member following him said ‘no pictures please’ and gave him away. By the time I could react it was too late to get a photo T__T but he is a gazillion times better looking in person. Siwon ended up being the only person from SuJu I saw. Kyu and Wookie were having breakfast in the hotel café early on Saturday morning but I was still asleep 😦

I was in section 112 with SJ-World. We were row 14, but we were still pretty close. I didn’t need binoculars or anything.

“另一个天堂”Another Heaven
The fans were so supportive, the screams got REALLY loud when they realized it was him. He was so gorgeous OMG I couldn’t get over it! I finally realized I should be taking a fancam a ways through the song, but he and Luna are so cute together and they sounded beautiful. I find their interactions much more natural than Kyu and Seohyun during their duet…

“Sonata of Temptation”
Next was Henry! He came out and the crowd went WILD. He started with his electric violin solo, and then Heechul and TRAX came out. Heechul set up an angle where he and Henry looked like they were kissing, but didn’t actually kiss him…big tease! Not like he hasn’t done it before Henry and Heechul were just awesome. I don’t think I was even paying attention to what he was singing, I was so busy just staring at them. My friend, who is a BoA fan, even said he was impressed by Heechul’s performance 🙂

“Calling My Heart Out”
Finally it was the SeoKyu duet! Asdlfj;askdhga;sdfj he is beautiful and every bit as gorgeous as you can imagine. He makes black suits look good, seriously. And his voice, ugh I think I died. He and Seohyun held hands again, but like I felt when I saw the Seoul fancams, they seemed so awkward >.< I got a short fancam of the end of the performance. I had spent the rest of the song just dying of happiness seeing Kyu in person ^^

“Sea of Love”
Yesung+Jonghyun=awesomeness!!! I didn’t even take any pics or cams of this, I just enjoyed myself. They sound sooo good together and Yesung’s ad libs sounded great. Unfortunately, they were way down on the end of the stage, so I had to watch the big screen. (I say that because I’m always watching them on screens anyway. With the chance to see the real people I’d rather watch their actual person than the screen)

Eunhyuk and Shindong+Minho and Key. They came down from the stairs between two sections of seats onto the stage, and Eunhyuk touched one girl and I saw her just freaking out in disbelief 🙂 I’m not usually a fan of this type of music, but I was just rocking out with them, completely caught up in the adrenaline.

“Super Girl”
This was SJ’s first group perf and the whole arena ERUPTED. AND HOLY CRAP HENRY KILLED ME. He was wearing a sleeveless top and shades, and I almost thought he was Donghae for a second, but Hae was standing next to him. And he got to do his little dance solo! He was just perfection. You can’t hear it on the fancams but the fans were all singing along on the “Oh my Super Girl” parts.

“No Other”
I took a fancam most of the song. I was especially happy because where Kyu stands for the choreography, he’s always on screen. The camera really did love him a lot on the entire concert. EVERYONE sang the “Naega micheo micheo baby” line, I swear O.O I watched the cam I took, and Heechul’s skin is so perfect. He was all smiley the whole song and he winked once 🙂

I didn’t take a fancam because I just wanted to watch them. They performed a remix and it was great! The dance break is so good, and Kyu’s movements looked cleaner liver than they seemed when I watched him on cams in the past. The screams got so loud when Donghae sang his first line, and again when Kyu was leading the hip thrust part. I know our 2 rows were singing along the entire chorus, and I could hear the fans doing parts of the fanchant also.

“Dancing Out”
The highlights for me were Eunhae’s moment and Kyu’s “that’s cool”. I got both on my fancam ^^ There was no chant going on for this, everyone was just screaming, lol.

“Sorry, Sorry” new remix
Honestly, I prefer the previous remix to this one, but I enjoyed still enjoyed it. The whole arena EXPLODED WITH SCREAMS once they heard the first “Sorry sorry sorry sorry”. I swear everyone was singing along on the chorus, I know I was. I really wish I had taken a fancam of this, but other people had better angles anyway.

“A Man in Love”
Hotness OMG O.O They added a little dance break thing at the beginning. Sungmin was SEXY. Seriously owned his part. And Yesung was in shades, and then took them off partway through. SIWON’S ABS ASDKFLJ;SDFJKLS I DIED SO MANY TIMES. When Kyu came out for his parts he was on the side near us and I just screamed my head off. But I was hoping he would do his little hip thrust part

Dance Parade:
If Eunhyuk had any issues on the Seoul perf of this, they were definitely gone because he absolutely nailed this. He is just so hot. I focused on him the whole perf. I don’t think I even noticed anyone else…

“Don’t Don”
I wished Henry would have come out on this, but the remix has TRAX and Changmin with Heechul on drums, and I loved that. You could hear all the fans singing the “Don’t, don’t” part together ^^ Heechul was spazzing at the end, throwing down his drumsticks and all. And Changmin ripped his shirt up, I don’t even know when that happened O.o

The crowd was CRAZY on this, you can barely hear them singing. Everyone sang “I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you girl” together. I cut my fancam off in the middle…I think I was trying to get Kyu to see my sign.

The lights were turned on so you could see all the signs. At the start of the song it was Kyu and Onew and they walked all the way down to the end of the stage together. Kyu was high-fiving everyone in sight, I’m so jealous of all the Sones sitting down on the floor who got to touch him >_< He had his arm around Onew a large part of the time.

As everyone was walking back to the main stage, since we were the biggest noticeable group of ELF together, in our blue t-shirts, balloons, lightsticks, and signs, a bunch of the members waved toward us; I can’t remember who except Kyu. I SWEAR TO GOD HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME. I was waving my sign and jumping all over the place, guess he had to notice, right? He gave a thumbs-up in our direction and waved to us too!

Other notes:
-I made a fansign with Zhou Mi’s “觅” on it for my friend who was on Floor 2. She said he saw it and waved to her! Zhou Mi saw my sign! Yaaaaaay :DDDD
-That same friend had a “Henry Marry Me” sign and she says he saw it. She was dying of bliss.
-From what I remember, the camera LOVED Kyu and Yesung! But I was sad because I don’t think I saw Sungmin or Wookie as much as I would have liked 😦
-Fanchants or singalongs were all there on songs, but the music mostly overpowered them. Since I was in the SJ-World section, I knew we were chanting/singing along loud and clear!
-I honestly think SuJu got the loudest screams, maybe tied with Yunho and Changmin. (Sorry, I’m still biased) SHINee gave them both a run for the money, but of course I was cheering for them too! Bascially everyone cheered for all of them, but would cheer the loudest for their respective biases.
-Sapphire blue lightsticks seem to stand out more than the other colors in the dark! Makes us seem more impressive ^^
-There was no hate for anyone. All the fans were supportive of all the groups and cheered loudly and waved their lightsticks for everyone. ^____^

Credit kaorupanda@sj-world.net
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100906 Kiss The Radio -FanPics- [Eunhyuk]

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100907 Eunhyuk Twitter update

AllRiseSilver : 아아아아아 미국 또 가고 싶다ㅜ ㅜ

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