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100908 Kiss The Radio -Full Bora-

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– Full Bora –


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100908 Kiss The Radio -fancam-

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100907 Eunhyuk lacking in confidence – what did Lee Kyeongkyu say?

On the KBS 2TV variety show, “Happy Birthday” which was broadcasted on the 6th of September, Lee Kyeongkyu commented that “Eunhyuk-sshi seems to lack confidence”, to which Eunhyuk replied “I have a reason for not being confident”.

Eunhyuk revealed that “prior to my debut, I went on a talent variety show alone, and Lee Kyeongkyu sunbaenim* was the MC at that time”, and that “I practiced hard for my personal skills before going on the show, but the show ended without me being able to show what I’ve practiced for”.

At that time, Eunhyuk, who wanted to show his skills no matter what, suddenly announced on the programme that he had prepared some voice impersonations towards the end of the show, but the atmosphere of the recording studio immediately turned cold. Eunhyuk truthfully told that “Lee Kyeongkyu sunbae’s expression turned stiff, and he yelled angrily all of a sudden”. However, Lee Kyeongkyu bluntly said that he couldn’t remember that day’s events, and gave a wry expression, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Catch the video clip of Lee Kyeongkyu’s yelling scene and a performance of Eunhyuk’s skills on “Happy Birthday”, which would be aired on September 6th at 11:05PM.

* Respectful term used to address your seniors

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100908 Kiss The Radio -cuts-

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