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100905 SM Town LA + After Party -11p-

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100911 SM Town Shanghai [Eunhyuk] -2p + fancam-

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100901 & 100903 Kiss The Radio -Bora-

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100911 SMTown Shanghai – Support banners outside concert

Chinese ELF jjang~ ><

ELFs in China got permission from organisers to hang a 700 metre banner around the stadium SMTown Shanghai is being held in.

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The banner says “Believe, Follow, Never Leave, Never Give Up”…

Credit : kaorupanda @sj-world.net

100911 SMTown Shanghai – Support banners outside concert [Eunhyuk] -8p-

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100910 Eunhyuk @ Incheon International Airport IV -2p-

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100903-100909 Kiss The Radio -Random Transcripts-

*E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

100903 When Eunhyuk grows old

T: Eunhyuk, when you reach your 40s or 50s, will you still be able to play energetically like now?
E: Sure, I’m still able to sing Super Junior’s song.
T: What if your children tell you “dad, you’re so outdated”?
E: Hey you kids really know nothing about music, this was once a popular song before. Listen carefully, “sorry sorry sorry sorry~”
T: Dad even know how to break dance.
E: And dad even role-played as an animal before.
T: Dad, you danced so good when you were young, but how come you’re dancing so worse now?
E: At least I’m still better than you, little fella. (laugh) This is going to be interesting~
T: Are you guys going to fight?
E: Maybe, if he keeps on teasing me, I might fight with my son. Hey fella don’t you know that I was once a dancing machine? (laugh)
T: What if your son suddenly tell you that he wants to become a singer like you?
E: You can’t be a singer because you can’t sing, just like your dad. (laugh)
T: But why still dad become a singer although dad can’t sing?
E: Because dad was in a group with many members, so dad could just goof around. (laugh) I must explain to him clearly enough.
100904 The difference between Leeteuk in real life and on screen

E: Leeteuk, you really like people discussing about you, right? Are you happy because you’re grabbing the attention or you just want to know what other people think about you?
T: Sometimes it’s because I’m curious about what other think about me, but also I am happy to know that there are people who care about me.
E: Then are you satisfied with who you are now?
T: Yes sometimes, when I saw myself on the tv, when something unexpected was being recorded in the show.
E: Leeteuk in real person, and Leeteuk on the screen, which one do you think looks better?
T: The real me, of course.
E: Let us don’t talk about the appearance, which one do you think resembles you more?
T: Well, in real life I’m more of a friendly person, but on screen I look kind of frivolous. Sometimes the one who appeared on the screen isn’t the real me, I’m not like that in real life, in real life I’m more mature.

100904 Eunhyuk’s letters to the members

E: Before promoting our 4th album <Miinah>, I was thinking to write a letter for each member. I bought 12 pieces of cards, and I started to write on it, “I hope that we’ll work hard together for the coming album, so let us encourage each other”. I really wrote to the members according to the age, starting from Leeteuk and Heechul. But when I wrote until Shindong, I felt tired already. There are too many members, and I also don’t have time to write all the letters, so I gave up.
T: Ah you should at least give your letter to me, since you already wrote it.
E: If I only give the letter to you, it seems like…
T: You can give it to me secretly.
E: Now I’m still keeping those cards in my drawer.
T: Then I’m going to take a peek at your drawer tonight. (laugh)

100907 Dirty Leeteuk?

T: When I got an eye infection, I would go to the hospital to seek for immediate treatment. During the treatment process, sometimes my eye would bleed, and also tears coming out, maybe I should call this ‘bloody tears’? Then I started to think “ah, am I going to live like this?”
E: Therefore, the hands must be clean all the time, always wash the hands, and be more careful.
T: So did you mean that I’m dirty?
E: No, I’m didn’t mean that, I just asked you to wash your hand frequently. Thinking back, I don’t think I ever saw you washed your hand before.
T: Hey what are you talking about? I always wash my hand with soap and water.

100907 The person who laughs last wins

T: I want to tell our audiences that we must always be modest, and the person who laughs last is the winner.
E: So it means that we must only laugh at the last moment, ha ha ha ha ha…I win~ (laugh)
T: When we were going overseas for the asian tour concerts, I always told Eunhyuk and other members, “although now we had achieved many things, but remember the one who laughs last is the winner, we can make it!”
E: Then I started to think, when is it considers the ‘last’? Is it the time when you are going to die? Are you going to say “ha ha ha I win” before dying? Umm…our members sometimes joke about this. (laugh)

100909 Eunhyuk almost become a model?

E: When I was in high school, ah…it was my first year in high school, I was already a trainee, but there was a model agency which came to me and asked for an interview.
T: Model? Did they asked you to become an underwear model? (laugh)
E: No, it’s not like that…I even went to the agency.
T: Why until now only you talk about this?
E: Because he asked me to go for a try, so I decided to check out about modeling.
T: Then what did you do after you went there?
E: I received a namecard. Oh, I have a friend who is also a model from that agency, and she’s now an artist.
T: What is her name?
E: If I remember correctly, her name is Jeon So Min, and she’s an actress.
T: It has been 5 to 6 years since we debuted, and before that we had trained for 5 years. Within these 10 years, why you never told me that you was once picked by a model agency?
E: Ah…because i thought that wasn’t a big deal, and there is nothing much to talk about that. (laugh)

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