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100911 SM Town Shanghai [Eunhyuk] part 3 -14p-

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SM Town LA [allkpop]

Press Conference

Performance Video Recap

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Super Junior’s EunHyuk Declared “The Member With The Worst Hearing is Choi Si Won”

Super Junior’s EunHyuk voted SiWon as the member with the worst hearing.

On KBS2TV “Happy Birthday” which was broadcasted on the 6th, EunHyuk expressed that his company has acknowledged him and let him take up the responsibility of Super Junior’s concert choreography; 70 to 80% was his very own production among the performances put up.

When EunHyuk was questioned about Choi Si Won’s bad hearing, he stated that “he is inattentive and his ears are not listening”, revealing another shocking side of SiWon. “There was once our choreographer told us to practice our choreography, and SiWon asked ‘Are we going to meet Bae Yong Jun?’” which led to a series of laughter.

EunHyuk then discussed his worries with MC Lee Kyung Kyu, admitting that he is feeling distressed about his popularity being lesser when compared to LeeTeuk. He stated “Everyone only remembers LeeTeuk. I still have to go for recording with him although people are still getting me mixed up.”

*Lee Kyung Kyu then continued to say “expression looked a little of displeasure, have seen before because (I didn’t) go for schedules, there’s nothing you could do about Leeteuk. You’re always the one at disadvantage because you’re not generous enough”.*

Everyone’s curiosity was aroused upon hearing that Lee Kyung Kyu was the reason for EunHyuk’s lack of self confidence. Feeling upset, EunHyuk explained, “I attended Lee Kyung Kyu’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ before debuted. I’d prepared a demo for the personal talent showcase during the closing ment but Lee Kyung Kyu asked ‘why are you doing this now?’. It has been 5 years since my confidence disappeared.” Lee Kyung Kyu was embarrassed upon hearing.

Actress Lee Lee Ah Yeon and Choi Eun Kyung were also present on that day’s “Happy Birthday”.

Note: For the part which I “*”, because the sentence didn’t quite make sense in chinese, I just direct translate it to english. So if it doesn’t make sense, just ignore it. :)

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100911 SM Town Shanghai -fancam- [6 vid]

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100911 [SM Town Shanghai] Super Junior – Sorry Sorry remix version

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100911 SM Town Shanghai [Eunhyuk] part 2 -4p-

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100910 Eunhyuk @ Incheon International Airport V -2p-

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100911 SM Town Shanghai –Eunhyuk’s UFO Message-

* Before the start of the concert, the screen was playing the idols’ message to fans. *

Eunhyuk: Who is the main character in today’s Shanghai SMTown Concert? It is it is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EUN! HYUK! We will see each other soon

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