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100119 Ryeowook’s twitter update -mention about Eunhyuk-

[Translation] : I should come here often ㅋㅋ I didn’t know eel was this delicious~!!^^ Eunhyuk bought it~~ I ate well hyung ㅋㅋ

[Translation] : Eelㅠㅠ It must have tasted good ~ Ryeowook, tell Eunhyuk that I like eel too ㅋㅋ

[Translation] : Today he bought me dinner and took me to see “A Better Tomorrow”~~ Hyukgu thank you~^^ Eel didn’t taste fishy Let’s go together!!ㅋ

Source: Ryeowook and Beige Twitter
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

100919 Dear Snow -from Baystorm-

it’s Ohoku ost…..they start to playing this song on their radio program~ ><

credit : aosanm5mm17 @youtube

Kiss The Radio -random cut- [Engsub]

Credit : as tagged / super13suju @youtube


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100918 Kiss The Radio -transcript-

*this is already pre-recorded, hence it is not viewable
*E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

Eunhyuk and his kids

E: I wish I can become a model father for my kids in the future, so now I’m studying English seriously.
T: Dad, why you only started to study English during this late middle age?
E: Hmm…we should never give up study until old age…
T: Dad, why so late only you started to study English, but you sent me to English tuition class even before I start schooling?
E: Just listen to my words, you fella.
T: Why? Dad, tell me why??
E: Come here. (slap)
T: Argh~~!!!! (laugh)
E: I guess I might hit my kids everyday. (laugh)
T: What’s wrong with you? Why your face turning so red? (laugh)
E: Because I feel embarrassed when thinking about my future.
T: Come here, dad teach you how to dance, stop studying. This is called ‘break’. Study English later, let’s learn how to dance first. (laugh)

When Leeteuk enters army

E: Leeteuk, if it is the time for you to enter army, how many members or friends do you think that will go and send you off?
T: Hmm…not even one. I think the members will be busy with own schedule and will not come to send me off.
E: Even if we’re not busy, we won’t be going also. (laugh)

The talkative Siwon

E: On our way back to hostel, Leeteuk and I usually don’t talk to each other, right?
T: Yea, we seldom talk to each other in the car.
E: In the car, either we’re too tired and take a nap, or just listening to the mp3.
T: We only talk when there’s something important to discuss. Normally we don’t chit-chat with each other.
E: Yea, that’s true.
T: Among the members, I think the most talkative one should be…Siwon. He always has a lot of topics to talk about. He’s curious about every little things. (laugh)
E: (laugh) He loves to ask and wants to know about everything.
T: Because he is ‘말’ Siwon. (laugh) *말 is referred as ‘horse’ in korean; it can also be referred as ‘word’ or ‘speech’
E: Although we seem like not caring about each others, but if we face any obstacles, we will unite together. I think this is the way we sustain our teamwork for so many years. No matter 10 years or 20 years in the future, let us get along well with each other, Leeteuk.
T: We’d known each other for 10 years…oh time flies really fast…

EunTeuk talk about past relationships

E: Leeteuk, among your ex-girlfriends, is there anyone that you will think of after break up for 3 years?
T: Not even 3 years since the last break up… (laugh)
E: Wait, it has been 5 years since debuted…not even 3 years since break up…
T: So when is it? (laugh) How about you, Eunhyuk?
E: I still think of my ex-girlfriends after we break up. Sometimes I will think of my first girlfriend.
T: Then say out her name.
E: How can I say out her name on a radio programme? (laugh) But I’m not yearning for the past or have any special feelings for her.
T: Really? Not even a bit?
E: Yes.

EunTeuk talk about marriage

T: Eunhyuk, did you ever thought about getting marrried with your girlfriend? Just like Wheesung’s song title ‘even thought of marrying’.
E: The girl that I would like to marry? To tell the truth, in the past when I was in a relationship, I never thought of marrying. I also never thought of when to get married and what kind of life I will have after married.
T: You really never thought of that before? Not even once?
E: I’m not thinking about it seriously. If our relationship continues, then I’ll get married. If we break up, then I’ll let go.
T: You’re very open-minded. Once I’m in a relationship, I thought of marrying. Once in love, I must marry her. If we break up, then it’s a ‘fail’. (laugh)
E: After that you start to think of getting married with your next girlfirend again. (laugh)
T: Just like Wheesung’s song title ‘even thought of marrying’, I always think of marrying with my girlfriend, every time and every moment.
E: But this is not a bad thing, it means that you’re very serious in love.
T: You’re right.

EunTeuk are going to sing OST?

T: Super Junior members Kyuhyun and Yesung had participated in drama OSTs before, I hope that Eunhyuk and I will have a chance to sing an OST too.
E: Of course we can. We will sing it well.
T: Composers who are listening now, please…do not contact with our company, please contact us directly. Since the company will mostly neglect it, so please contact with us directly. We can do the recording secretly.
E: Yes. We can go to Teukie hyung’s room and do the recording…so please contact us. (laugh)

Eunhyuk’s own group?

E: I hope that in the future we will have our own special group project.
T: ‘Leeteuk and Eunhyuk – double hit!’
E: Well, I don’t think this is going to be a big hit. (laugh) Uh…I think the special group project should be done together with members from other groups.
T: Is there any singer that you would like to work together with?
E: Does it has to be a male group?
T: Not neccessary, it can be female group also.
E: Um…I want to create a group with many girl members. (laugh)
T: You wish to be surrounded by the girls?
E: I want to be the only man among the women. (laugh) I’ll pick one girl member from each group and join them together to become a new group. That’s my dream. Ah I really want to give it a try. (laugh)
T: Then the group’s name will be ‘Eunhyuk with a group of girls’. (laugh)

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by: lovecraze@SJ-World.net

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100919 2010 Dream Concert


Sorry Sorry

credit : heidi120990 @youtube

100917 Kiss The Radio -FanPics- [Eunhyuk]

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100914 MBC Idol Track and Field Champhionship Recording [Eunhyuk] part 17 -7p- (HiHyukjae)

Source: HiHyukjae
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