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100920 Kiss The Radio -caps- [4p]

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Super Junior vegetables FanArt III -14p-

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100912 Gyeongju Hallyu Dream Concert -10p- [smilehyuk]

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100918 Eunhyuk and Ryeowook after Music Core

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100914 Kiss The Radio -Transcript-

*E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

Leeteuk and the cats

T: 7867 said, “recently when I talk to my brother, he always say things like ‘don’t want’, ‘no way’, ‘don’t know’, ‘get out’. I wonder what’s wrong with him.” Ah I see people laughing outside, what’s going on? Is it because I sound similar to him?
E: Sometimes Leeteuk is like that.
T: I’m really a scary person when I get angry.
E: That’s true. He rarely…rarely say warm and lovely words to us. (laugh)
T: There are two cats in our hostel, but they love to go to the toilet in my room. I’m not their owner, but I always see the two cats inside my room whenever I open the door.
E: Because your room is too plain, so it looks like toilet.
T: Is it? That two cats stare at me, then I suddenly shout out ‘aiyo!’ This is the only way I release my anger. (laugh)
E: What do you mean by shouting ‘aiyo!’ at the cats? (laugh)
T: ‘Aiyo!’ Then the cats will ‘shoo~’ and leave my room.
E: Just like what we do to the kids. (laugh)
T: When I put down my bag and change clothes, they come in again, so I shout ‘aiyo!’ and they’ll ‘shoo~’ and leave. (laugh)
E: Why are you doing this to the cats that can’t talk? (laugh)
T: No…because I can’t scold them with words.
E: Under such situation, dogs will shake their tails, then I’ll feel sorry and think that they’re cute.
T: I sometimes talk to the cat also. I said, “live as a cat, you must suffered a lot.”
E: Leeteuk you’re suffering more than the cats. ‘Aiyo!’
T: (laugh) I think maybe they just want to come in and play with me?
E: Probably. ‘That oppa is so funny.’ (laugh)

*He didn’t mention the cat names, but I guess it has to be Heechul’s cats. lol.

Not an anchovy anymore

E: 0857 said, “when I get mad, I’ll pull out the anchovy’s head, will Eunhyuk oppa has a strange feeling regarding this?” Why will I have a strange feeling?
T: Because she said she pulled out the anchovy’s head. Isn’t it the same species as you?
E: Who is the same species as anchovy?
T: Aren’t…you?
E: I’m no longer anchovy.
T: Then what are you now?
E: Just…just that I’m not an anchovy anymore.
T: Not anchovy…how about saury?
E: No no, I’m no longer a fish. Now I don’t look skinny and weak anymore.
T: Little pollock fish, little pollock fish~
E: Please call me silver beltfish.
T: Silver beltfish is too classy.
E: Because I’m Eunhyuk. (laugh)
T: You only worth 100 won. (laugh)
E: Then call me fried fish fillet. (laugh)
T: Fried fish fillet suits you better. (laugh)

Scary Eunhyuk

T: To tell the truth, men yearn for the past more than women. When women break up, they’ll cut off and end everything with that person.
E: Me too. If I love someone, I will give her all my heart, and love her without any regret. So when it comes to the end, I will not yearn for our past.
T: That’s true. When Eunhyuk loves someone, he will sacrifice everything for her. But after break up, he will not yearn anything from the past. It sounds scary, I think that you’re a bit scary.
E: I’m scary. (laugh)
T: Your eyes look scary now.
E: Because I’m tired.
T: But still look scary. (laugh)
E: Yes, because I exercised a lot today.
T: Very good. Then go and take a nap.
E: No no, let’s finish up this first.

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by lovecraze@SJ-World.net
Please take out with full credit

100910 Kiss The Radio -Transcript-

ps. this one is already pre-recorded, hence it is not viewable

*E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

Eunhyuk’s Paris trip

E: Leeteuk, are you planning to go travel this year?
T: I had everything planned well in my brain. I’m going to leave Korea. (singing: let’s leave together~ with everyone~)
E: But hey, last year during this time I went to Paris for a trip. Today is Sep 10, it was last year Sep 9. So I called it a ‘999’ trip, 2009 Sep 9. (laugh) I guess I should never reveal my travel plan on the show again.
T: Because fans will follow.
E: Really, i was shocked. Anyway, let’s wait until you come back from trip and share some interesting stories with us.
T: But last time you promised that you’ll share with us about your Paris trip, until now you still haven’t talk much about it. Is it because the trip didn’t leave any good memories for you?
E: No, I had many precious memories about it. Just that I only talked for a few times.
T: What I’ve been heard from you so far is that you were cheated by gamblers on the Paris street.
E: Because I was asked by many people regarding it, so that’s why you only remember this one.
T: Usually when people go travel in a foreign country, they’ll try out the country’s local food. But Eunhyuk went to Korea town, eating Korean biscuits, and took photos telling everyone that he’s in Paris.
E: (laugh) You’ll never know how hard is it for me to find out Korea town by just looking at the map. And you’ll never understand how happy I was when I saw those Korean billboard.
T: Aigoo…Aigoo~
E: Wait until you go there then you’ll understand my feelings. There are certain things that you don’t have to say it out, but you will remember in your mind for a long time.
T: If I have a chance to go travel, I’ll tell everyone about my trip when I come back. If nothing interesting happens, then I’ll try to find something fun to do.

‘Lady killer’ Leeteuk

T: 4092 said, “when I went to convenient store to buy a cup of coffee, the store worker oppa gave me a bun, and it makes me feel happy.”
E: Oh…I guess that store worker must like her, well maybe this audience looks pretty when drinking coffee. Leeteuk you’re like that also right? Or else why you would chose to work in front of the female university?
T: (laugh) I had the same experience too. Ah…that man shouldn’t simply give something to the female customers, or else the boss will minus his salary.
E: Yes of course, unless you really have something over that girl.
T: Before when I was working at an ice-cream shop, it was self-service, but there was a girl that I would love to serve her everytime. “Please have a seat~ which flavour do you want?” (laugh)
E: (laugh) Aiy…you really~
T: That girl came everyday at 9.50am, and she’s always our first customer. I knew that she would order a medium one, and also which fruits she wanted to have on her ice-cream. So whenever she came in, I would said “please have a seat”, “um…I need the menu”, “I know, a medium one, right?”, “omo how did you know that?”, “of course I know, this is my basic customer service” (laugh)
E: (laugh) After that what happen?
T: Then, I would give her a big ice-cream even though she ordered a medium one. Also, we usually gave customers 5 types of fruits, but I added up to 10 for her. Then the girl said “I didn’t order so much”, I replied “it’s my treat.” (laugh)

Leeteuk really cares about age

E: Leeteuk, if there’s a woman who is 12 years older than you…ah is it 40? (laugh)
T: Yes it is 40, 40 years old!
E: Then can you accept her?
T: Like you said just now, there is no age or nationality gap in love. But honestly I do care about the age, although nationality isn’t a big deal, but age…age…yes… (stammered) Anyway, age is just a number…
E: (laugh) Yes you’re right.

Eunhyuk’s Paris trip part 2

E: When I went to paris, since I don’t understand French so it was difficult for me to ask for directions, so the fans over there kindly led me to my hotel. Ah…i’m so thankful to them.
T: Is that all you can remember?
E: Aiy what’s wrong with you, I just talk whenever I remember something.
T: You already mentioned that like 1 year ago.
E: Oh is it?
T: You also said there were over hundred fans to send you at the airport. Really, I hope you’ll talk about other interesting stories.
E: Then I’ll go Paris again. (laugh)
T: That time Eunhyuk called me in the midnight, around 2 or 3am, he said “hyung, it’s daebak!”, so I asked “what happened?”, “hyung! there are hundred fans at the airport to see me!”
E: (laugh) Because I was surprised, seeing foreigners holding card with my name on it.

Sukira open studio in LA?

T: Recently, Sukira stuff had held a meeting with the KBS management, saying that there will be a Korean festival in LA, and asked if we can also go to LA together.
E: Ah…I wish we can go together, but I guess the fee isn’t enough.
T: If there’s a chance to organise an open studio in LA will be really cool, so we can interact with the audiences face to face.
E: Sukira open studio in LA~ Let’s go!
T: Yea, let’s go!
E: I would like to invite Usher and Justin to be our guest too!

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by lovecraze@SJ-World.net
Please take out with full credit

100815 Super Show III Seoul Press Conference -13p- (MyEunhyuk)

From MyEunhyuk.com
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