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100923 Kiss The Radio -caps- II [7p]

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100923 Kiss The Radio -caps- [4p]

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100922 Super Junior, BoA, SHINee, f(x) reveals behind the scenes of SM Town LA on MBC ‘Day of Good Mood’

Boa – Super Junior – Shinee – f(x) and artists from SM Entertainment reveal behind the scence of SM TOWN concert in LA in the program ‘The Day of Good Mood’

What happened to BoA, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) in the aircraft charter for SM TOWN LA?

September 24th, MBC ‘The Day of Good Mood (기분좋은 날)’ will take fans to sit on the aircraft together with the artists of SM Entertainment and show behind the scenes of the trip to LA for SM TOWN.

Leeteuk and Yoona are the MC of the live update in the aircraft to make it more fun, while Eunhyuk, Heechul and Kyuhyun slept immediately after sitting on the plane. Besides, Kangta and Kim Minjong acting as special stewards for take care others too.

Sunny was playing game, Seohyun was organizing her schedule while Sooyoung was watching movie. Tiffany was reading a book. We can see that everyone has many different activities on the plane.

The star of Asia BoA has shown her charm on the stage at LA Staples Center with so many warm loves from her sister and brother in SM family. Boa said ” In the future, I wish I can have self-discipline”. On that day all others have a party to celebrate 10th anniversary or Boa and also 15th debut for Kangta.

For Tiffany, she looks very happy because she haste her family which is living in LA before Chuseok. Sungmin said “I wanna change a wallet for my mom” He said and prepare the special gift. Yunho said before appearing on stage that he wants to meet his younger sister.

This program will broadcast on 2010, September 24th at 7.30am KST

Translated by: mook_yeye
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100923 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and his dog send their Chuseok greetings

‘Tis the season to send Chuseok greetings, and one celebrity sending his last minute hello is Super Junior’s dancing machine Eunhyuk and his pet dog!

Eunhyuk and his adorable sidekick Choco are together staring bulgy eyed at the camera. Eunhyuk, being the amazing dog trainer that he is, got Choco into a cute mini-hanbok (traditional Korean dress), and even got him to look straight at the camera (which is a hard task to make a dog do).

Via his official Twitter he uploaded the photo above and said, “Our country’s special Thanksgiving! Of course we have to wear hanbok on the day of Chuseok to make it right! It’s been a long time since I’ve last visited home and played like this. Everyone, be happy and have a wonderful time.”

Credit: shockimpulse @ allkpop

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100923 MBC Alkkagi Chuseok Special -Super Junior cut- *added Full Show*

why hyuk do that move~,,,,hik hik hiks

credit : 七禾页 @tudou

_Super Junior cut_


_Full Show_


PV Dear Snow Preview

日本化ver~…..the song is easy listening~ ><……can’t wait to see full ver of  this pv ><

credit : majikkusong @youtube *thanks to @arashindo for the shouts ^^*

100921 Kiss The Radio -Transcript-

*E = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

Leeteuk’s anime dream

T: Today I had a very special dream, it was a good dream actually. How about you, Eunhyuk?
E: I dreamed also. I don’t remember the content of the dream, but I dreamed about you.
T: Ah you dreamed about me? I dreamed about Eunhyuk too.
E: Really?
T: I had two dreams. In my dream, there were so~~~many tigers, and the tigers were sleeping. I quietly walked pass them, but because I was too scare, I woke up, after that I fell asleep again. Everyone know about an anime called Dragonball right? I became a Dragonball in my dream.
E: (laugh) Which character in Dragonball?
T: Bejita. (laugh) I was running, then suddenly I was attacked by the aliens and the cyborgs, so I was trying to escape. On the way, I met with my friends, the members all turned into Son Goku and other characters in Dragonball. Then I said, “let’s fight together!”, the members asked, “how to fight?”, I replied, “we can use our Turtle Striking Wave.” (laugh) Then I used the Turtle Striking Wave to attack the enemy, but because I was physically frail, so I woke up from the dream. (laugh)
E: I dreamed two times within this week, two times also I dreamed about the members. I only can recall back one of them, the other I couldn’t remember. The content of the dream is something like…an action series.
T: I had search about my dream on the internet, and it said that my dream is something related to the fortune in work.
E: Because you dreamed about the tigers? Ah I’m going to search about my dream later.

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by: lovecraze@SJ-World.net

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