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100924 Donghae, the king of tears? “Able to cry just by holding the head down” attracting laughter

Suju member Donghae, has been proved to be a cry-baby on the 23th broadcast of MBC TV Chuseok Special “Radio Star Super Show”

That day, the MC asked “Is Donghae a cry-baby?” “Donghae has a lot of tears, therefore…” Having said that, and proved Donghae to be a cry-baby.

Member Eunhyuk talked about the recent incident of Donghae crying. Eunhyuk said “At the concert in LA, when we were having our food, Leeteuk and members talked about the unhappy incidents in the past, after which (,) when the members were chatting among themselves, Donghae cried silently on his own.”

In response, Donghae said “It’s not like that…” “The position of the leader, it’s not easy being a leader. Leeteuk also wants to throw temper at times” “Hyung I’m sorry, Hyung has been doing a good job already.” And started crying after saying this. Then, the other members and MCs replied “Should be on the verge of crying now”, and attracted laughter from everyone.

In this special episode, members who made an appearance included Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

Source: tvdaily.co.kr

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100924 Suju Eunhyuk “The ones holding the authorities in SM are the SHINee juniors” surprising confession.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk said on broadcast “SHINee holds the authority in our company”

On MBC Chuseok special broadcast on the 24th September of “Happy day”, the theme of “Idol stars of Republic of Korea, conquer the world” covered the SMtown concert in LA and Shanghai.

In the beginning of September, Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Minho were seen joking around in a friendly way at the airport before their concert in LA.

Suddenly, Eunhyuk said to the producer “The ones holding the authorities are the cute magnaes” and continued “Recently, Minho is in trend, (therefore) I can’t do anything to Minho. (SHINee) the juniors are the ones holding the authorities in our company” Leeteuk agreed with the statement as well.

Simultaneously at the broadcast of this day, Leeteuk stated with a laugh “Because the performance is in America, (I) prepared an electronic dictionary in order to be able to speak good English.”

Source: newsen.com

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100924 Kiss The Radio -caps- II

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100924 Kiss The Radio -caps-

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100923 Leeteuk “Eunhyuk teased me, I grabbed him by the collar” Confession of past threats.

Leeteuk “Eunhyuk teased me, I grabbed him by the collar” Confession of past threats.

Super Junior Leeteuk and Eunhyuk fist fight story confessed.

On the 23th’s MBC Chuseok special “radio Star Super Show”, Eunhyuk said “I teased Leeteuk, he grabbed my collar”

In response to the MC asking if they had a fist fight they said “he threw a punch”, Eunhyuk then complained ” Leeteuk told everyone to have fun, and in the hotel, with Shindong and sungmin we started teasing Leeteuk”, and “Leeteuk was angry so he kicked the bedroom door while going out, then came back and grabbed by collar”

While hearing this, Leeteuk said why he had grabbed Eunhyuk’s collar “When I turned my head (after leaving the room), I could still see Eunhyuk’s smile”

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100920 Kiss The Radio -FanPics- [Eunhyuk]

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100923 Kiss The Radio -cuts-

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