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100928 Kiss The Radio

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100925 Korean Hurricane Magazine 2010 [Scans] -part 4- [40p]

Credits: 那片蒲海的i贴吧@ Super Junior Baidubar.com
Reuploaded: black_cat@SJ-World.net
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100923 Golden Fish Radio Star -Cuts EngSub-

_Kyuhyun Cuts_

credit : chokyuding @youtube

_Ryeowook Cuts_

credit : ryeowookism @youtube

100928 Kim Heechul, release of Super Junior’s group photo “Who’s that beauty?”

Super Junior member Kim Heechul uploaded a group photo of the members on his twitter on the 28th.

The 10 people in the photo were all members of the group. Yesung who had been involved in the musical Spamalot since beginning of July was very busy, thus he wasn’t included in the photo, and (therefore) there were only 9 members. However (,) Henry’s presence resulted in 10 members at the scene of the photo taking.

Also, the unidentified women in the photo who leaned against Kyuhyun in order to support his body, is no other than the one who uploaded the photo onto the net, Kim Heechul who gave a laugh after being identified.

After seeing the photo, fans left comments such as “Who is this beauty in the middle among the members?” “This is Yesung… looked heart-warming upon (viewing) the photo” “10 members including Henry! Adorable people” etc.

Source: news.nate.com

Korean to chinese translation: 閃小耀愛曺卷2@ Sujudian.cn
Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


100928 Kiss The Radio -cuts-

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100927 Kiss The Radio -Fan Pictures- [Eunhyuk] -23p-

Credit : www. 5FOReunhyuk.com
Photo By : MAYMIE @5FOReunhyuk.com
Design & Upload pic By : MAYMIE @5FOReunhyuk.com

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100928 SBS Strong Heart -Cuts + Full Show-


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