101005 “Strong Heart” the hidden heroes trio group which the PD expressed his thanks to, are?

The reason behind for a program to be able to grab the audience’s heart for such a long period of time, is the hard work of many people which everyone is not able to see. The first broadcast of SBS <Strong Heart> on 6th October last year has unconsciously lapsed into their 1st year anniversary.

Due to having over 20 artists attending the talk show each time, the main focus is often put on the new-starring guests. However, each time, the fixed guests put in a lot of hard work in places which people are not able to see.

These characters are Kim Young Chul, Kim Hyo Jin, and the ones in <Teuk Academy> who had actively performed in the corner, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk. It is not easy to have audience tuning back to the program each time they changed channels using the remote control, recently, <Strong Heart> Park Sang Hyuk PD-nim expressed his thanks to these people who spread happiness to the world in this year.

Regarding to the question of the trio group he wanted to thank the most, Park PD-nim stated the names without hesitation. Park Sang Hyuk PD-nim said, the family members Kim Hyo Jin and <Teuk Academy> Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk who had been with the program since the broadcast, together with Kim Young Chul who joined since the 4th episode, these people were the hidden heroes in <Strong Heart>.

Why? Park PD-nim replied “The opening of <Strong Heart> is the introduction of the guests, each of them has to say a story of their own, shortest 4-5 minutes, longest 10 minutes, this kind of introduction caused the guests to be very stressful. At this time, Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Young Chul, <Teuk Academy> will then think of ways to relieve the stress of the guests so they will be able to record the program smoothly, but sometimes, some guests actually disliked their actions.”

Park PD-nim expressed that the wisdom of the trio group had made the recording (of the program) smooth and natural. Park PD-nim praised that it’s the wisdom of the male and female guests sitting on the 4th row, which made the recording to be so successful.

Source: star news
Korean to chinese translation: E @ jsholic.com
Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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