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Who is the most popular Korean singer among Arab fans ?

Idol group Super Junior is at the top of the Hallyu Wave amongst Arab fans.

KBS World Radio’s Arabic homepage recently ran an online popularity poll of Korean singers. The results placed Super Junior at the top, earning nearly 40% of the 26,122 netizen votes. Other top artists in the poll included TVXQ, ZE:A, and SNSD.

Arab fans have been making consistent international calls to KBS 2FM’s “Kiss the Radio” in an effort to converse with Super Junior. There has also been a recent case where six daughters from Saudi Arabia persuaded their father to take them to KBS2’s “Music Bank” in order to watch Super Junior take first place.

KBS World Radio has been acknowledging the Hallyu wave and created a special program for their Arabic broadcast to celebrate their 35th anniversary. A female college student was chosen out of 2,000 applicants to meet her ‘BONAMANA’ idols personally in Korea on September 30th. KBS even allowed her the opportunity to MC the interview with Super Junior on “Korean Pop Interactive.”

The episode will broadcast on October 9th along with footage of the interview.

Source : Sports World || allkpop.com
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101005 & 101006 -Fan Taken- Super Junior @ Rome

Credit From : superjunior4ever, photo by Sunako (via @sinyi88 + @ANCHovylogy)

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Arashi Discovery 2010.10.06 – Dear Snow

Kyou wa ongaku no mondai desu.
Today’s question is about music.

Saikin wa ongaku wo intaanetto de te ni haireru koto ga dekiru n datte. Shitteta? Arashi no CD wa chanto katte ne.
Lately people can get music from the internet. Did you know?
Please buy Arashi’s CD properly, okay?

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101006 Kiss The Radio – Eunhyuk, Leeteuk called in

credit : Credit: 포샤Ol특♡ @ sj-market / NiDeBaoBei @youtube

101003 With Super Junior at ‘Fiumicino Airport Leonardo Da Vinci’ in Rome -Fanaccount-

Their plane landed at 6:50 PM, a girls who was inside the gate says that police checked them and they felt embarrassed .. But anyway I don’t know what happened inside the gate ^ ^

They’ve exit from the gate at 7:10 PM and they fled away.
We decided to don’t stop them right there at the gate’s exit, for don’t embarrass them and allow them to move a bit ‘to the airport exit.. I was near Leeteuk and my friend Giulia was able to ask him for an autograph.
Eunhyuk has moved away from the other three. He haven’t realized that the others were stopped. Donghae has reached him after.
They’ve gone away then ‘running ‘. Donghae also moved me on.
I going to give your gift to Leeteuk, I thought that I would have no other opportunity to do so.
Then they headed to the train station but we didn’t follow them.

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