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[Eunhyuk, Leeteuk] 101011 Kiss The Radio -Fan Pictures-

credit: twitter.com/huy_m | reupload: ★яєιℓα @ SJ-World.net

101011 Kiss The Radio -cuts- *added more video*

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101011 Kiss The Radio -caps-

credit: as tagged | reupload: ★яєιℓα @ SJ-World.net

finally they come back to sukira~….i miss them on sukira~ >_<

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101006 Kiss The Radio Transcript – Eunteuk’s call in from Italy

– Leeteuk’s part –

DJ: Is Leeteuk beside you?
Eunhyuk: He’s beside me.
DJ: Please pass the phone to him.
Eunhyuk: Please wait.
Leeteuk: Hello?
Infinite: Wah! Leeteuk hyung! Hello!
Leeteuk: Hello! You’re?
Infinite: We’re Infinite.
Jewelry: Hello! We’re Jewelry.
Navi: Hello! I’m Navi
DJ: Hello….
Leeteuk: Ah! Hello Navi!
Guests: Hahahahah
Leeteuk: Say something~
Girl: It’s very far, the distance is very far now.
Guy: Teuk hyung, are you’ll having fun now?
Leeteuk: The place I’m at now, I want to express it using a song.
Guests: Okay, woah yeah~
Leeteuk: Italy ah~ Italy ah~ (using CNBLUE’s I’m A Loner melody)
Guests: (continues) Daridaridadado~
Guests: Ah, aiyoh, really handsome~
DJ: Leeteuk ah.
Leeteuk: Ah? Yes.
DJ: Now a lot of listeners said, (they’re) curious about Leeteuk’s news, have you been fine?
Guy: Misses (him) a lot~
DJ: Please say a sentence.
Leeteuk: Now, (I’ve) slightly regretted~
Guests: Ah, hahahah, why, why?
Leeteuk: It’s because, we actually wanted to have a rest, now the places to shop at are too many.
Guests: Ah~~~
Leeteuk: Shopped too much, and we thought we could be carefree here in Europe, but because there are too many people who recognise us~
Guy: Ah, high popularity even in Europe, because there are too many people who recognise you’ll, so it’d be very tiring~
Guy: Hyung, teuk hyung!
Leeteuk: Ah?
Guy: What presents will you be buying back?
Leeteuk: Presents, what do you want? Because there’re a lot of branded stuffs here…..
Guests: Wah~~~
Leeteuk: The things you’ll want, I’ll get you’ll an A brand.
Guests: Wah~~~ A brand!
DJ: So finally, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk please say something to the listeners who missed you guys a lot.
Leeteuk: Although I’m not able to express it using words, we’ll be back soon. The happenings here, I’ve taken UCC videos for KTR.
Guests: Wah!
Leeteuk: I’ll be back soon, and tell interesting stories to everyone, (I) miss everyone~
Guy: Miss you too~
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk seemed a little weird when we reached here.
Guy: Haha heard he threw away his passport, haha that his passport was missing.
DJ: For the listeners, who had been waiting for Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, hurry and come back!
Guy: Come back soon~
Leeteuk: Will be going back soon.
Guy: Miss you~
Guy: Yes, it’s live broadcast.
Leeteuk: What corner is it now?
Guy: Today is special episode, new program…..
Leeteuk: Ah, special episode?
Guy: Yes, special episode, because hyungs are not here…
Leeteuk: No matter what, Soo ya, Navi and our Infinite, thank you for attending (Sukira).
Girl: Jewelry is here too!
Leeteuk: Firstly…
Girl: Haha, seemed like he didn’t catch it.
Leeteuk: I’ll treat you’ll to dinner, it’d be great if I can fork out time~
Girl: Thank you~!
Leeteuk: Please wait (Passed on to Eunhyuk)

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101010 Eunhyuk at Incheon Airport part 2

credit to 五金花二瓜妹 | reup by Darren @sj-world.net
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101010 Super Junior at Incheon Airport -fancam-

credit: onlyhae.com | reupload: ★яєιℓα @ SJ-World.net

101010 SuJu’s “We are Venice’s Huroeswimaen” Humour

The Super Junior members who are on a holiday in Italy revealed photos which were full of humour.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk wrote on his personal Twitter that “Venice’s Huroeswimaen*!!! We are the guards that protects the earth(,) Huroeswimaen!!!^^”, and included a photo taken of the members doing playful poses together.

In the photo, Leeteuk and the other Super Junior members outstretched their arms, showing comical poses.

Later on, Leeteuk also wrote “The first day of Venice’s vacation~ there were lots of people” and “there were also lots of people that recognized us, totally different feeling from Asia, felt that ships here are used to the fullest.”

* If based on literal translation from the Chinese name, it would be Flash Men; resembles Korean power rangers?

Source: MT Star News
Shared by limfei @ sj-world.net
Chinese translation by ai_2h_ @ http://www.eunhae.cn
English translation by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Leeteuk’s tweets translated by ★//囧酥餅 @ sj-world.net

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