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101007 Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae with fan in Venice

credit to foryouworld2 + BLG | shared by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net

[Eunhyuk] 101012 Kiss The Radio -Fan Pictures-

Credits: 5FOReunhyuk.com l Photo by: MAYMIE

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[Transcript] Arashi Discovery 2010.10.13 – shake ’em off~

Kyou wa fuasshon no mondai desu.
Today’s question is about fashion.

Samukunattekuru to te ga kajikamu yo na. Ha~ha~ tte yatte mo sonna ni te wa atatamaranai yo. Konna toki are ga areba ii no ni.
When it gets cold, the hands go numb. Even though you go “ha~ha~” (t/n: blowing warm breaths into your hands) it doesn’t help much to help warm the hands, you know. At this time, it’s better if you have that thing.

Sate, boukan, hogo, soushoku nado no tame nit e ni hameru fukuro-jyou no mono wo nan to iu deshou ka?
Tsugi no mittsu no naka kara erande kudasai.
Now, the thing that is shaped like a covering, worn on the hands for keeping out the cold, for protection, for accessories, etc, what is it called?
Please choose from these next three:

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[Transcript] 101011 Kiss The Radio -Eunteuk talks about Italy trip, Which member spent the most during the trip?-

Leeteuk: Are you willing to pay my phone bills for me?
Eunhyuk: (laugh) Ah, we used Leeteuk’s phone to call in the other time.
Leeteuk: I’ll hand over the entire overseas phone calls bill to KTR and they’ll pay (for me).
Eunhyuk: Actually, Leeteuk spent a lot during this trip.
Leeteuk: Aw~
Eunhyuk: Yes. If I were to say something, during this trip, we use games every day to determine who is going to pay for the bill after each dinner. There’s only one loser, but…
Leeteuk: That is okay. Actually going on this trip, I’ve already planned to treat the dongsaengs to delicious food. But having lost continuously, I started to feel indignant about it.
Eunhyuk: In the beginning, we played rock paper scissors and after that, we played spelling game, snakes and ladders and many other games. Leeteuk really spent a lot of money. (laugh)
Leeteuk: I didn’t manage to buy anything in the end.
Eunhyuk: That’s right.
Leeteuk: Actually when you do exchange for foreign currency, the money is very little. Nearly half of it was spent on food.
Eunhyuk: I didn’t lose even once, really… I’m so happy. (laugh)
Leeteuk: We were actually thinking that, since it’s a rare opportunity to go on a vacation for a week, so we saved on instant noodles. In the end, we ate a lot on the first day we were there.
Eunhyuk: We ordered everything edible.
Leeteuk: The first meal cost about 15000 won, second meal about 20000 won, (and) there’s only the 5 of us eating. (laugh)
Eunhyuk: We really ate a lot. (laugh)
Leeteuk: The cost of food there is really high.
Eunhyuk: Yes, too expensive.
Leeteuk: How much does a can of coke cost?
Eunhyuk: 1 can of coke cost at least 4000-5000 won. We wanted 5 cans, so…
Leeteuk: All of us had no more money on the last day. Members were saying to one another “Ya, spend wisely!” (laugh)

Source: sj-partners.cn
Chinese translation: 小果
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


[Super Junior] 101013 Kyochon CF Poster

Credits: 熙熙的玫瑰人生 @baidubar + mook_yeye @ twitter
Reuploaded: black_cat@SJ-World.net
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101013 Leeteuk Twitpic with Eunhyuk

source : @special1004