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101023 Super Show 3 Beijing -HQ Fancam- (Eunhyuk Focus)


Credits: 掌心witheunhae (witheunhae.com)
Video by 在海有希
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Sorry Sorry


A Man In Love




Don’t Don


Hyuk with Hae


credit : emptyspace04 @youtube

[Eunhyuk] 101023 Super Show 3 Beijing -Part 31-

credit : SupperjuniorJ晚餐团
reupload : lifmei @ sj-world.net

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[Transcript] 101022 Kiss The Radio

Eunteuk talk about Gapyeong’s short getaway

Leeteuk: Not long ago, members went to Gapyeong, we went for 2 days 1 night, and to also get a rest since we’re there. During that time (,) we separated into teams for a soccer game, I was in a team together with Eunhyuk, Donghae and a manager.

Eunhyuk: No, no, we’re with Henry and Sungmin.

Leeteuk: Ah, Henry and Sungmin, with the both of us, not Donghae. To be honest, the ones in our team are very weak (in soccer), the first match ended successfully, the opposite team won in the end.

Eunhyuk: Yes, it’s a very serious match.

Leeteuk: After the match, because we had already found out all about the opposite team, so we thought our team had chances of winning, therefore we decided to have another match, but this time (,) the losing team had to be thrown down into the water… in the end (,) we still lost. (laugh)

Eunhyuk: Henry was playing for the first time, Sungmin has no talent (in soccer)… but in terms of team spirit, we’re still considered good, (we’re) quite energetic.

Leeteuk: That’s right. (laugh) I remembered I was thrown down into the water. Actually before being thrown down, I was a little scared. Moreover it was already night time, the dark night… but now (,) everything became a memory.

Eunhyuk: This short vacation became a wonderful memory.

Leeteuk: That’s right.

Eunhyuk: Listener 1013 said, “Got the last position during sports meet, the players in our class got disqualified during the qualifying rounds, so we fell asleep when the rest were involved in the competition, it’s the first time I had such a boring sports meet.”

Leeteuk: It would be boring if you didn’t participate in it. We’re just the same as well, we were arguing nosily about wanting to play basketball after we lost the soccer game.

Eunhyuk: “Ya, let’s not play this, play others instead.” trying to cheat our way out. (laugh)

Leeteuk: That’s why I understand your feeling. (laugh)

Source: sj-partners.cn
Chinese translation: 小果
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


[Transcript] 101020 Kiss The Radio

*H = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

Siwon’s obsession with photography

T: Before Siwon was really obsessed with photography.
H: That’s right. (laugh)
T: Since Siwon is handsome, he always brought along his camera wherever he went. He captured the scene using his hands, posing here and there. “Hmm…where to take pictures?”
H: He always thinking about where to take pictures and how to pose.
T: Sometimes, he even shot photos of the members. When I was doing something else, he suddenly said to me, “oh hyung, what a great pose, very good, don’t move.” *Shoot shoot* (sound when taking photos) “Hyung, look, nice photo isn’t it?” (laugh)
H: He really did that. (laugh)
T: One day, we were on the way to the recording studio, together with our manager. In the car, Siwon pressed down the window and began to stare at the scenery, then he captured the scene outside. “Hyung, I found a beautiful scene.” “Hyung, please stop the car for a while.” Then, our car stopped by the roadside. Siwon came down, and started to take numerous pictures of the cars passing by, and also pictures of Banpo Bridge. (laugh)
H: “Oh the sky is so blue”, then he took pictures of the sky. After that, he was amazed by the pictures taken by himself. (laugh)
T: But now he got bored with photography.
H: Yea, I don’t see him carrying his camera anymore.

Eunhyuk’s horrible fashion sense

T: Talking about autumn, people will think of brown color. Eunhyuk do you like this color?
H: I like it very much. There was once a time when I was deeply in love with this color. All my clothes were in brown color.
T: When you were a trainee?
H: Yes.
T: Oh~!!!! Thinking of that made me feel so annoyed~
H: (laugh) When I was still a trainee, brown color was trending.
T: It’s not!
H: Yes it is!
T: The problem is you wore the same color from head to toes.
H: Because it was the popular color that time. The brown color has different ranges, some darker, some brighter.
T: I really thought that you were a tree. (laugh)
H: (laugh)
T: Is it really a trend? Or you are the only one who is trending that color?
H: It was a trend when I was a trainee, really.
T: During that time, Eunhyuk always wore brown hip-hop pants with brown shoes. Also, his t-shirt and cap, everything was the same color. And jacket too, right?
H: Yes, yes. (laugh)
T: I remember that! Oh~ I really don’t want to recap about that ever again. His hair was dyed brown too!
H: Yes. (laugh) I told you I really like that color very much.

Source: KBS Cool FM [슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio]
Translated by: lovecraze@SJ-World.net
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[Eunhyuk] 101023 Super Show 3 Beijing -Part 30- (星_海_赫)

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[Eunhyuk] 101023 Super Show 3 Beijing -Part 29- (smilehyuk)

From SmileHyuk
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[Eunhyuk] 101023 Super Show 3 Beijing -Part 28- (ChulHyuk.com)

From Samite Box-HeeEun’s Love (ChulHyuk.com)
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