110202 Kiss The Radio -transcript-

Korean to Chinese translated by : WonChing t.sina.com.cn/ghlewa
Chinese to English translated by : ALLRISEUNHAE (@ALLRISEUNHAE)

[TRANSCRIPT] 110202 Kiss The Radio – DJ Eunteuk

***Listener’s hometown is Mokpo***

EH: Mokpo reminds me about Donghae. Mokpo is too far, some more the traffic these days are not convenient, he (Donghae) can’t go back to his hometown.

LT: Before 3jib and also 4jib released, Donghae kept saying: “Hyung, if this album won’t work (won’t have much hit) I will go back (Mokpo) and catch fish.

EH: He (the sound of dry laugh), even if he goes back he won’t even bring fishing tools


EH: I really want to go to London, my next vacation stop will be England

LT: You like Europe countries?

EH: Yes, (and) I really like travelling…

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