110210 Nae Jongseok tweets about Hyuk

@nae1004 — 딥스(Dips)란? 가슴운동 할때나 팔의 삼두운동 하는것을 말합니다. 은혁이가 꼭 올려 달래요. 팬분들이 딥키스의 종결자인줄 안다고 ㅋ 딥키스 절대 아니고 운동입니다. 오해마세요.ㅋ 이상 해명 끝 http://t.co/v9Fhp7k

[TRANSLATION] What are Dips? It refers to when you’re doing chest exercises or arm’s tricep exercises. Eunhyukkie just wants me to put this up. Fans assume it means the terminator of a deep kiss ㅋ but it’s definitely not a deep kiss, it’s an exercise. Please don’t misunderstand. ㅋ End of bizarre explanation


@nae1004 — 지금도 트윗 올렸는지 안올렸는지 옆에서 지켜보고 있어. 무서운 넘 ㅋ

[TRANSLATION] Whether I uploaded that tweet or not, I’m keeping my eyes peeled to the side even now. Scary guy ㅋ

Source : @nae1004
English Translation by: kei @ hyuktoyou.net
do NOT 1) remove the credits, 2) add your credits to the translation, 3) forget to link back to HyukToYou. Thank you!


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