[Fancam] 110226 Super Show 3 Manila

c r e d i t s ;
wiwyl@sj-world.net || merylsuki

Sorry, Sorry
One Fine Spring Day (Ryeowook’s Solo)
Looking For The Day (Siwon’s Solo)
Down (Eunhyuk’s Solo)
Baby (Henry’s Solo)
Oh My Goddess (TRAX)
Hate U, Love U

In My Dream
All My Heart
It Has To Be You (Yesung’s Solo)

Cooking Cooking
Way For Love
Ending Ment + Wonder Boy <<–they tried speaking in English :p
Henry speaking in English + End <<– Henry became Teukie’s interpreter


credit : SARanghaElf@SJWorld.net&&YT

All My Heart
It Has to be You – Yesung Solo


Credit : Rainbowland SJM Vietnamese fanclub @ http://www.vuinet.info.
Upload : sjm7rainbow @Youtube

20110226 SS3 in Manila – I wanna love you fancam [HD]


credit : kyueunhae143 @youtube



credits: aliciel @ SJ-WORLD.net + SuJu051106@YouTube
B-Boy Heenim @ SS3 Manila


Credit: cmq23 @ Youtube l Shared by: MelLuvsAnchovy@SJ-World.net

[Fancam]110226 SS3 Manila Eunhyuk’s Solo “Down” by Jay Sean
[Fancam]110226 SS3 Maniila Henry’s solo “Baby” by Justin Bieber
[Fancam]110226 SS3 Manila EunHae “I Wanna Love You’
[Fancam]110226 SS3 Manila Super Junior “Bonamana”


credit : sjm7rainbow @youtube

ss3 in Manila-Ending Fancam


credit : jeaKYUn @youtube / ɗʋɱƥʃɩɳɡʂ @SJ-WORLD.NET



Don’t Don

Shake It Up

Twins (Knockout) 1

Twins (Knockout) 2


credit : shayneknixx @youtube / 27shinyeon @SJ-WORLD.NET

HD 110226 SS3Manila Kyuhyun tried to be kissed by Donghae~
HD SS3Manila Intro Heechul and Siwon
HD 110226 SS3Manila Intro Kyuhyun, Yesung and Wookie
HD 110226 SS3Manila SJ-T lying and playing on the floor during Rokkugo
HD 110226 SS3Manila Evil Kyu’s hidden agenda to Siwon
HD 110226 SS3Manila Shindong taking picture of Kyuhyun from ELF’s camera
HD 110226 SS3Manila Donghae bullied by Shin, Yesung and Hee




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