110413 KIMCHI Press Conference – Full Report (koreanupdates.com)


It is a pleasure for us to attend the KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia) Press Conference at Sands Ballroom 1, today, 14th April 2011 to clear out all the issues regarding the concert which going to be held in Jakarta this 4th June 2011, this show is supported by South Korean Embassy in Jakarta.

For your information, KIMCHI will be featuring Super Junior (10 members), Park Jung Min (SS501), The Boss (DGNA/DNA), Girl’s Day and finally rookie idol group X-5. The concert venue will be at Istora Senayan. No other artists will be performing except the 5 of them!

Many are wondering that will Super Junior comes in full team – here is 10 members -, Mr. Sean as the Managing Director of WProduction answered that according to the contract wproduction signed with SM Entertainment, they will come for KIMCHI as 10 members. And you can be happy for that.

Also Why X-5, a relatively new kpop idol group is in KIMCHI? According to Mr. Sean, X-5 comes with The Boss as they are in the same company and Wproduction would like to expose X-5 to the Indonesian kpop lovers.

Mr. Sean also said that the audience target for this concert is 7,000 people as that is the maximum capacity of the Istora Senayan.

He added about the ticket prices which are expensive are because of the venue capacity, they already tried their best to serve the demand by providing tribune 2 tickets. People are comparing KIMCHI to the ticket price in Singapore, Singapore Indoor Stadium can hold up to 12,000 people, so they couldn’t do it as the venue capacity in Jakarta is very different compare to Malaysia’s Bukit Jalil and Singapore’s Indoor Stadium.

And for your information, Istora Senayan is a venue that has been chosen by the Korean management, it is the most suitable place to hold KIMCHI.

If you are still wondering if KIMCHI is for real, yes, Mr. Sean answered it firmly that they have signed the contract and already fulfilled the contract demand. Wproduction has never cancelled any concerts, and Wproduction is the one who bring Rain for World Tour and Kimbum fanmeeting.

Super Junior is the main performer for this event, and rumors said that they will only sing for 2 songs, in other kpop festival like this, usually the performers will sing at least 4 songs, so Super Junior as the main performer, they will sing for more than 4 (four) songs. Super Junior is scheduled to be performed last in KIMCHI.

So don’t hesitate to buy KIMCHI Ticket at the public sales in Blitz Atrium, Grand Indonesia 17th April 2011 starting at 10AM till at most 10PM. Public sales will have limited ticket quotas as at most around 20% of the KIMCHI Tickets will be on sale at online ticket boxes which will be announced later.

There are only 5 tickets: Tribune 2, Tribune 1, Festival 1, Festival 2, and VIP, so there is no Exclusive VIP priced 3 million.

Ticket Price:
VIP : Rp.2.500.000.,00 ~ Numbered seating.
Festival 1: Rp.2.000.000.,00 ~ Free standing.
Festival 2: Rp.1.500.000.,00 ~ Free standing.
Tribune 1: Rp.2.000.000,00 ~ Free seating.
Tribune 2: Rp.550.000,00 ~ Free seating.

Lastly, a question asked by other media about any special demand from the performers, Mr. Sean jokes that most Korean performers would like Kimchi to be provided. Please never trust any news out of these information given, and you can go to WPROD EVENT PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=196154023756206 and WPROD TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/wproductions08 for the real information.

P.S: There will Korean Culture Festival in October according to Mr. Kim Hyun Ki.

Reported by Edwin Joo, admin@koreanupdates.com
Source : koreanupdates.com


finally~ Super Junior come to Indonesia~ >____________<

congrat’s Indonesian ELF…

tapi aga” khawatir juga nih…please behave ok, tunjukin klo kita juga bisa tertib, n jangan sampe oppa-oppa suju ada yg luka satu orang pun…jangan ky kejadian yg dulu” tuh T_T….klo acara ini sukses kan sapa tau super show 4 bakal di bawa ke negara kita tercinta ini (hehehe)

so anyone who will attend this event???? ^-^….me will go too~ >< let’s meet there and show our support for SUJU~ >< ah, for other artist too ><

hmmm…i read on twitter fanbase super junior in Indonesia will make some project…i’ll update later when there’s news from them ^-^



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