110505 Eunhyuk Twitter Update + translation

our lovely anchovy just tweet NON-STOP now~ >____< can’t stand it~, so happy now~ >__<

@shfly3424 왜!!!!! 나 아직 한번밖에 못 먹어봤는데ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

53 minutes ago

trans —> @shfly3424 Why !!!!! But I only got to eat it onceㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

어린이날!!!!! 훔하하하핫!!!! 내 방에 동심있다!!!!!! 해적왕이 될꺼야 훔하하하핫 요기는 대만 숙소 내 방 한구석…요거랑 한국에 있는거랑 합치면!!!! 훔하하하하 엄청나겠구만^^^^^^^ yfrog.com/hsw3yslj

49 minutes ago

trans —-> Children’s day!!!!! hoom ha ha ha haht!!!! In my room there is the childlike innocent!!!!!! I am going to become the sea king hoom ha ha ha haht This is a corner of my room in our Taiwan dorm…If you combine this with the ones I have in korea!!!! hoom ha ha ha ha it would be extreme^^^^^^^

5월은 푸르구나 우리들 세상~ 아빠 엄마 누나 쵸코 멤버들 친구들 팬분들 다 보구싶다 yfrog.com/h3qvdgmj

29 minutes ago

trans —-> *May is blue our world~ dad mum nuna choco members friends fans I miss them all yfrog.com/h3qvdgmj

*this is a children’s day song in Korea

어린이여러분 코후비면 안돼요 yfrog.com/h7c6nkjj

17 minutes ago

trans —-> Children everyone you guys can not pick your nose

맞아요 어린이날은 신나는겁니다 yfrog.com/gy65edfj

7 minutes ago

trans —-> that’s correct children’s day is exciting

all picture and tweet’s credit : @AllRiseSilver
all english translation —> Translated by. hyoimieholic at SJ-WORLD.NET
Take Out With Full And Proper Credits

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