About MySaru


my name is tucchan…….from indonesia ^^

lately i want to learn how to manage and make a blog *coz lately i read many blog of others people an it’s seem interesting,,,,so i want to try too ^^*

and……i think i must learn more about it….once i make it, i don’t know what i want to write here *hehe….poor me* until now there’s still i don’t know how to manage this ㅋㅋㅋ

at first i make sure to filled this blog with all information about ohno satoshi and eunhyuk,,,,but seem’s i can’t manage that ^^ coz this blog filled with all about eunhyuk and super junior only,,,hehehe…gomen *bows*

Fans of : Ohno Satoshi -ARASHI- and Lee *Eunhyuk* Hyukjae -Super Junior- ^_^

since i can’t manage 2 twitter acc i decide to deactive  MySaru’s twitter -____-

but my personal acc still active u can find me @kikurin1826 ^^

the Cute Header in this blog is not belong to me

the owner is curlymobb.devianart.com

the header credit to her/him~ >< *i really like that pic >///<*

to iu koto de

yoroshiku onegai itashimasu ^^

thank you for all who visited my blog ><

11 responses to “About MySaru

  1. I like ohno too. hehe,..

  2. ehm,
    can i ask you where do you found a lot picture of eunhyuk ? thanks if you want to share with me ^^

  3. hi tucchan..i’m eunhyuk bias too~~
    and i’m indonesian too~~ very happy to know indonesian eunhyuk bias..hehe..
    hope we can spazzing around together..kkk~~
    btw, to get these photos from sj forum, do we have to sign in??
    yay for EUNHYUK!!! ><

    • hi~ nice to meet u >__<
      neh, hope we can spazzing alot together ^^

      hmmm…most of the forum is needed to register first like sj-world.net ^^
      or u can visit hyuktoyou.net, they have public share, so u don't have to sign in first, but if u want to see their non public area, u must register first
      and u must posted …. before u can see the non public area *for much information u can visit them ^^*
      i hope this information will help u ^_^

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