(Official Vid) Super Show 4 live in Jakarta vid greeting

credit : ShowMaxxEnt1 @ youtube

hi~ fellow Indonesian ELF >_< finally it’s our turn to see super show live in our own country >_____< ….kya kya~ i’m so excited, do u excited too???? ><

i want to take a picture or vid but i’m afraid like KIMCHI before, i totally forgot to take pic/vid, and just kyakyaing by my self kkkkk

anyone of my blog reader will go to the concert? let’s meet in there if u have time ok ^-^


SS3 3D Screening in Indonesia

hi~ long time no see, since i’m on hiatus for a long long time >”< ….

i think indonesian ELF already know this, finally super show 3D will be screening in our theather >_< … blitzmegaplex kindly bring it for us~ *>_<*… let’s make it sold out and make super show 4 more possible to be held in our beloved country ^_^

the screening will be held on 3 days, feb 3-5 2012 …. but only in jakarta and bandung. location for jakarta is blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, Mall of Indonesia and Central Park. and for bandung is Paris Van Java.

they will start selling the ticket on jan 27 2012. price : Rp 75.000,- …some fanbase already start booking place for “NoBar” with the like @sujunesia @indoELF_ and others *u can ask them to ask they still have vacant seat or not ^^* and for bandung can ask to @ELF_bandung *me, join with them too~ kkk* … i heard “NoBar” with fanbase will be held outside the regular time, so if u not watch with fanbase u don’t have to worry~ ^-^

so to all my friends here from bandung and will be watch SS3 3D with @ELF_bandung on feb 4 at 10 am, lets meet there ne~ >_<

for more information about SS3 3D screening u can check this way

[VID] 110806 Super Junior Comeback Stage at Music Core ~ Mr.Simple ~

Credit: CrazyCarrot270 @Youtube

[VID] 110806 Super Junior Comeback Stage at Music Core ~Super Man~

Credit: CrazyCarrot270 @youtube

[VID] 110805 Mnet Wide – Super Junior Mr. Simple MV & Photoshoot Behind The Scene

credit: KiLoveHae @youtube

[VID] 110805 Super Junior Rehearsing in KBS Music Bank -Superman + Mr Simple Eunhyuk Focus-

credit: www.plzfollowme.com (plzfollowme @youtube)

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[VID] 110805 Super Junior Comeback Stage at Music Bank ~Superman + Mr Simple~

credit: UnknownCarrot170 @youtube

DAEBAK~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’re so awesome >< Really The Return Of The Superior~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >,<