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100825 Eunhyuk FanCafe Entry

Title: Ohohoh!!
Date: 2010.08.25

The café has become more stylish!!!!! Is it because the model has become more stylish*….Indeed..It’s fine? ke ke
Again it’s been awhile since I’ve left words/writing(,) right?ㅜ ㅜ**
Really because of the concert (I) was rea~~~~~~~~~~~~~lly busy (I) had no mind***
I’m sorry~I wanted to (finally) lie (down but) Asia tour world tour …
I’m really happy to meet everyone at the concert but I wanted to show you a more stylish* stage (when) my condition is good (so it’s) a bit disappointing…
Anyways it seems like onlyUhj**** is revitalized again so my mood is good~
To those how suffered (for me/us) really give you thanks^^
Next time when I become free again I will leave words/writing!!!!!!
Everyone (of) the onlyUhj**** family Four……………………..Four…………..FiveSixSevenEightNine…….(__)
*It can also mean handsome
**Tears, crying
***A phrase that means that you have no idea what to do because you are that busy
****Name of Eunhyuk’s daum café

Credits: onlyUhj
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net
May take out with full credits