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KyuHyuk moment

and lately i’ve been kyuhyuk shipper~ >< and for that i choose some vid to posted in here *of course the video isn’t mine ^^, i can’t make vid like them who can make it T^T*

credit : ferneun @youtube

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All My Heart MV by SJbiased

credit : SJbiased @youtube

omg u must watch this~, it’s so cool and give a goosebumps for me kkk >< love it~….and Happy first Anniversary for SJbiased~ ^~^

[Fanvid] Kimi no Sukina Koto ~Kyuhyun Ver~ (by ChiiHyuk)

credit : CHIHYUK0321 @youtube

[Fanvid] Kimi no Sukina Koto ~Eunhyuk Ver~ (by ChiiHyuk)

finally she’s made eunhyuk ver~ ><

credit : CHIHYUK0321 @youtube

[Fanvid] Super Junior – Kimi no Sukina Koto (by ChiiHyuk)

my friend make this, and i really like it~ >< beside i like the song, she’s really smart to matched the song with the picture make me want to watch it~ >< now waiting for eunhyuk ver~ >///<

credit : CHIHYUK0321 @youtube

Heechul ver

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[OPV] EunTeuk Sukira (기억을 걷는시간 cover by Eunhyuk)

credit : kwnzkwan @youtube