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[嵐] 101112 Hatenai Sora @ Music Station

credit : Suteaka0608j62 @youtube

watch it now, before it got deleted ^^

101001 嵐 – Dear Snow Live perf @ Music Station 3hr SP

Credit : 虹色に輝く @tudou


find here


find here


i reup to MF,,,original file own by 虹色に輝く @tudou

download MF : talk, Dear Snow perf

i really love OhMiya part~ especially ohno’s voice >_<

sorry it’s LQ for HD quality visit arashi comm on livejournal ^^

100910 嵐 @Music Station

all youtube video is not available again~ so i deleted it

if you want to download HQ vid you can visit Arashi community on livejournal, like arashi no jidai, go nin, arashi on and others….but you must join their community and follow their rules ne ^^

Credit : 舞驾氏 @tudou



Love Rainbow perf




100709 Arashi – To Be Free on Music Station

yei~ finally they perform this song ><……they look gorgeous, chou kakkoii~! >_<

credit : j0029pop @ youtube